Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

A State-Space Acyclicity Property for Exponentially Tighter Plan Length Bounds PDF
Mohammad Abdulaziz, Charles Gretton, Michael Norrish
Exploration among and within Plateaus in Greedy Best-First Search PDF
Masataro Asai, Alex Fukunaga
Multi-Agent Ergodic Coverage with Obstacle Avoidance PDF
Hadi Salman, Elif Ayvali, Howie Choset
A New Approach to Temporal Planning with Rich Metric Temporal Properties PDF
Son Thanh To, Benjamin Johnson, Mark Roberts, David W. Aha
Stubborn Sets for Fully Observable Nondeterministic Planning PDF
Dominik Winterer, Yusra Alkhazraji, Michael Katz, Martin Wehrle

Novel Applications Track

Automated Planning and Control for High-Density Parking Lots PDF
Pedro M. d'Orey, José Azevedo, Michel Ferreira

Planning and Learning Track

State-Regularized Policy Search for Linearized Dynamical Systems PDF
Hany Abdulsamad, Oleg Arenz, Jan Peters, Gerhard Neumann

Robotics Track

Dealing with On-Line Human-Robot Negotiations in Hierarchical Agent-based Task Planner PDF
Eugenio Sebastiani, Raphaël Lallement, Rachid Alami, Luca Iocchi
Any-Angle Pathfinding for Multiple Agents Based on SIPP Algorithm PDF
Konstantin Yakovlev, Anton Andreychuk