Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

A Multi-Parameter Complexity Analysis of Cost-Optimal and Net-Benefit Planning PDF
Meysam Aghighi, Christer Backstrom
Search Portfolio with Sharing PDF
Sandip Aine, Maxim Likhachev
Bound to Plan: Exploiting Classical Heuristics via Automatic Translations of Tail-Recursive HTN Problems PDF
Ron Alford, Gregor Behnke, Daniel Höller, Pascal Bercher, Susanne Biundo, David W. Aha
OGA-UCT: On-the-Go Abstractions in UCT PDF
Ankit Anand, Ritesh Noothigattu, Mausam ., Parag Singla
Change the Plan — How Hard Can That Be? PDF
Gregor Behnke, Daniel Höller, Pascal Bercher, Susanne Biundo
Leveraging Probabilistic Reasoning in Deterministic Planning for Large-Scale Autonomous Search-and-Tracking PDF
Sara Bernardini, Maria Fox, Derek Long, Chiara Piancentini
A Semantic Notion of Interference for Planning Modulo Theories PDF
Miquel Bofill, Joan Espasa, Mateu Villaret
From FOND to Robust Probabilistic Planning: Computing Compact Policies that Bypass Avoidable Deadends PDF
Alberto Camacho, Christian Muise, Sheila A. McIlraith
Online Algorithms for the Linear Tape Scheduling Problem PDF
Carlos Cardonha, Lucas C. Villa Real
A Compilation of the Full PDDL+ Language into SMT PDF
Michael Cashmore, Maria Fox, Derek Long, Daniele Magazzeni
Indefinite-Horizon Reachability in Goal-DEC-POMDPs PDF
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Martin Chmelík
Have I Been Here Before? State Memoization in Temporal Planning PDF
Amanda Jane Coles, Andrew Ian Coles
Practical Undoability Checking via Contingent Planning PDF
Jeanette Daum, Álvaro Torralba, Jörg Hoffmann, Patrik Haslum, Ingo Weber
Bayesian Optimization with Resource Constraints and Production PDF
Nima Dolatnia, Alan Fern, Xiaoli Fern
Robust Partial Order Schedules for RCPSP/max with Durational Uncertainty PDF
Na Fu, Pradeep Varakantham, Hoong Chuin Lau
Placement of Loading Stations for Electric Vehicles: Allowing Small Detours PDF
Stefan Funke, Andre Nusser, Sabine Storandt
Abstractions for Planning with State-Dependent Action Costs PDF
Florian Geißer, Thomas Keller, Robert Mattmüller
Domain Model Acquisition in Domains with Action Costs PDF
Peter Gregory, Alan Lindsay
Assessing the Expressivity of Planning Formalisms through the Comparison to Formal Languages PDF
Daniel Höller, Gregor Behnke, Pascal Bercher, Susanne Biundo
Multi-Agent Sensor Data Collection with Attrition Risk PDF
Jeffrey Hudack, Jae C. Oh
Checking the Dynamic Consistency of Conditional Temporal Networks with Bounded Reaction Times PDF
Luke Hunsberger, Roberto Posenato
Automated Creation of Efficient Work Distribution Functions for Parallel Best-First Search PDF
Yuu Jinnai, Alex Fukunaga
Hierarchical Linearly-Solvable Markov Decision Problems PDF
Anders Jonsson, Vicenç Gómez
Dual Formulations for Optimizing Dec-POMDP Controllers PDF
Akshat Kumar, Hala Mostafa, Shlomo Zilberstein
Traps, Invariants, and Dead-Ends PDF
Nir Lipovetzky, Christian Muise, Hector Geffner
Online Macro Generation for Privacy Preserving Planning PDF
Shlomi Maliah, Guy Shani, Ronen I. Brafman
Stronger Privacy Preserving Projections for Multi-Agent Planning PDF
Shlomi Maliah, Guy Shani, Roni Stern
Heuristic Guidance for Forward-Chaining Planning with Numeric Uncertainty PDF
Liana Marinescu, Andrew Ian Coles
Learning Relational Dynamics of Stochastic Domains for Planning PDF
David Martínez, Guillem Alenyà, Carme Torras, Tony Ribeiro, Katsumi Inoue
The Mathematics of Dispatchability Revisited PDF
Paul Henry Morris
Strict Theta*: Shorter Motion Path Planning Using Taut Paths PDF
Shunhao Oh, Hon Wai Leong
Efficient Representation of Pattern Databases Using Acyclic Random Hypergraphs PDF
Mehdi Sadeqi, Howard J. Hamilton
PARIS: A Polynomial-Time, Risk-Sensitive Scheduling Algorithm for Probabilistic Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty PDF
Pedro Santana, Tiago Vaquero, Cláudio Toledo, Andrew Wang, Cheng Fang, Brian Williams
Numeric Planning with Disjunctive Global Constraints via SMT PDF
Enrico Scala, Miquel Ramírez, Patrik Haslum, Sylvie Thiebaux
Generalized Planning with Procedural Domain Control Knowledge PDF
Javier Segovia Aguas, Sergio Jimenez Celorrio, Anders Jonsson
An Analysis of Merge Strategies for Merge-and-Shrink Heuristics PDF
Silvan Sievers, Martin Wehrle, Malte Helmert
Revisiting Goal Probability Analysis in Probabilistic Planning PDF
Marcel Steinmetz, Joerg Hoffmann, Olivier Buffet
Potential Heuristics for Multi-Agent Planning PDF
Michal Štolba, Daniel Fišer, Antonín Komenda
Recursive Polynomial Reductions for Classical Planning PDF
Jan Tozicka, Jan Jakubuv, Martin Svatos, Antonin Komenda
Heuristic Search in Dual Space for Constrained Stochastic Shortest Path Problems PDF
Felipe Trevizan, Sylvie Thiébaux, Pedro Santana, Brian Williams
A Formal Analysis of Required Cooperation in Multi-Agent Planning PDF
Yu Zhang, Sarath Sreedharan, Subbarao Kambhampati

Novel Applications Track

Optimal Scheduling of a Constellation of Earth-Imaging Satellites, for Maximal Data Throughput and Efficient Human Management PDF
Sean Augenstein, Alejandra Estanislao, Emmanuel Guere, Sean Blaes
Planning Curtailment of Renewable Generation in Power Grids PDF
Sambaran Bandyopadhyay, Pratyush Kumar, Vijay Arya
A Planning-Based Architecture for a Reconfigurable Manufacturing System PDF
Stefano Borgo, Amedeo Cesta, Andrea Orlandini, Alessandro Umbrico
Computing Trace Alignment against Declarative Process Models through Planning PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Andrea Marrella, Sebastian Sardina
Scheduling Ocean Color Observations for a GEO-Stationary Satellite PDF
Jeremy Frank, Minh Do, Tony Tran
Strategic Planning for Setting Up Base Stations in Emergency Medical Systems PDF
Supriyo Ghosh, Pradeep Varakantham
Cell Design and Routing of Jobs in a Multisite Make-to-Order Enterprise PDF
Manoj Gupta, R. P. Jagadeesh Chandra Bose, Partha Dutta
More Shuttles, Less Cost: Energy Efficient Planning for Scalable High-Density Warehouse Environments PDF
Christian Hütter
Towards Next Generation Touring: Personalized Group Tours PDF
Kwan Hui Lim, Jeffrey Chan, Christopher Leckie, Shanika Karunasekera
Solving Realistic Unit Commitment Problems Using Temporal Planning: Challenges and Solutions PDF
Chiara Piacentini, Daniele Magazzeni, Derek Long, Maria Fox, Chris Dent
Planning and Control of Marine Floats in the Presence of Dynamic, Uncertain Currents PDF
Martina Troesch, Steve Chien, Yi Chao, John Farrara

Robotics Track

Integrating Planning and Control for Efficient Path Planning in the Presence of Environmental Disturbances PDF
Sandip Aine, P. B. Sujit
Path Planning under Interface-Based Constraints for Assistive Robotics PDF
Alexander Broad, Brenna Argall
A Unifying Formalism for Shortest Path Problems with Expensive Edge Evaluations via Lazy Best-First Search over Paths with Edge Selectors PDF
Christopher M. Dellin, Siddhartha S. Srinivasa
Real-Time Stochastic Optimal Control for Multi-Agent Quadrotor Systems PDF
Vicenç Gómez, Sep Thijssen, Andrew Symington, Stephen Hailes, Hilbert J Kappen
Multi-Agent Path Finding with Kinematic Constraints PDF
Wolfgang Hoenig, T. K. Satish Kumar, Liron Cohen, Hang Ma, Hong Xu, Nora Ayanian, Sven Koenig
A Practical Framework for Robust Decision-Theoretic Planning and Execution for Service Robots PDF
Luca Iocchi, Laurent Jeanpierre, Maria Teresa Lazaro, Abdel-Illah Mouaddib
Evaluation of Auction-Based Multi-Robot Routing by Parallel Simulation PDF
Akihiro Kishimoto, Kiyohito Nagano
Online Learning of Robot Soccer Free Kick Plans Using a Bandit Approach PDF
Juan Pablo Mendoza, Reid Simmons, Manuela Veloso
Experience-Based Robot Task Learning and Planning with Goal Inference PDF
Vahid Mokhtari, Luis Seabra Lopes, Armando J. Pinho
Robot Motion Planning for Pouring Liquids PDF
Zherong Pan, Chonhyon Park, Dinesh Manocha
Speeding Up A* Search on Visibility Graphs Defined Over Quadtrees to Enable Long Distance Path Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicles PDF
Brual C. Shah, Satyandra K. Gupta
Task and Motion Policy Synthesis as Liveness Games PDF
Yue Wang, Neil T. Dantam, Swarat Chaudhuri, Lydia E. Kavraki