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Sponsors PDF
Steve Chien, Minh Do, Alan Fern, Wheeler Ruml
Preface PDF
Steve Chien, Minh Do, Alan Fern, Wheeler Ruml
Organizing Committee PDF
Steve Chien, Minh Do, Alan Fern, Wheeler Ruml
Program Committee PDF
Steve Chien, Minh Do, Alan Fern, Wheeler Ruml

Full Papers

On the Feasibility of Planning Graph Style Heuristics for HTN Planning PDF
Ron Alford, Vikas Shivashankar, Ugur Kuter, Dana Nau
Optimizing Planning Domains by Automatic Action Schema Splitting PDF
Carlos Eduardo Areces, Facundo Bustos, Martín Dominguez, Jörg Hoffmann
Fully Automated Cyclic Planning for Large-Scale Manufacturing Domains PDF
Masataro Asai, Alex Fukunaga
Thompson Sampling Based Monte-Carlo Planning in POMDPs PDF
Aijun Bai, Feng Wu, Zongzhang Zhang, Xiaoping Chen
Overcoming the Utility Problem in Heuristic Generation: Why Time Matters PDF
Michael Barley, Santiago Franco, Pat Riddle
Flow-Based Heuristics for Optimal Planning: Landmarks and Merges PDF
Blai Bonet, Menkes van den Briel
Landmark-Based Plan Distance Measures for Diverse Planning PDF
Daniel Bryce
MUM: A Technique for Maximising the Utility of Macro-operators by Constrained Generation and Use PDF
Lukáš Chrpa, Mauro Vallati, Thomas Leo McCluskey
PDDL+ Planning with Events and Linear Processes PDF
Amanda Jane Coles, Andrew Ian Coles
Fragment-Based Planning Using Column Generation PDF
Toby O. Davies, Adrian R. Pearce, Peter J. Stuckey, Harald Søndergaard
A Novel Priority Rule Heuristic: Learning from Justification PDF
Frits de Nijs, Tomas Klos
Symbolic and Explicit Search Hybrid through Perfect Hash Functions — A Case Study in Connect Four PDF
Stefan Edelkamp, Peter Kissmann, Martha Rohte
Optimization Model and Heuristic Approach for Blocks Retrieval Processes in Warehouses PDF
Christopher Expósito-Izquierdo, Belén Melián-Batista, José Marcos Moreno-Vega
On MABs and Separation of Concerns in Monte-Carlo Planning for MDPs PDF
Zohar Feldman, Carmel Domshlak
Improving Jump Point Search PDF
Daniel Damir Harabor, Alban Grastien
Revisiting Risk-Sensitive MDPs: New Algorithms and Results PDF
Ping Hou, William Yeoh, Pradeep Varakantham
Optimal Planning with Global Numerical State Constraints PDF
Franc Ivankovic, Patrik Haslum, Sylvie Thiebaux, Vikas Shivashankar, Dana Nau
Goal Recognition Design PDF
Sarah Keren, Avigdor Gal, Erez Karpas
Partially Observable Online Contingent Planning Using Landmark Heuristics PDF
Shlomi Maliah, Ronen Brafman, Erez Karpas, Guy Shani
On the Use of Temporal Landmarks for Planning with Deadlines PDF
Eliseo Marzal, Laura Sebastia, Eva Onaindia
Bootstrapping Simulation-Based Algorithms with a Suboptimal Policy PDF
Truong-Huy Dinh Nguyen, Tomi Silander, Wee-Sun Lee, Tze-Yun Leong
A Heuristic Approach to Planning with Incomplete STRIPS Action Models PDF
Tuan A. Nguyen, Subbarao Kambhampati
EfficientIDC: A Faster Incremental Dynamic Controllability Algorithm PDF
Mikael Nilsson, Jonas Kvarnström, Patrick Doherty
PA*SE: Parallel A* for Slow Expansions PDF
Mike Phillips, Maxim Likhachev, Sven Koenig
Planning Under Uncertainty Using Reduced Models: Revisiting Determinization PDF
Luis Enrique Pineda, Shlomo Zilberstein
LP-Based Heuristics for Cost-Optimal Planning PDF
Florian Pommerening, Gabriele Röger, Malte Helmert, Blai Bonet
Directed Fixed-Point Regression-Based Planning for Non-Deterministic Domains PDF
Miquel Ramírez, Sebastian Sardina
Heuristic Evaluation Based on Lifted Relaxed Planning Graphs PDF
Bram Ridder, Maria Fox
Evaluating Diversity in Classical Planning PDF
Mark Roberts, Adele E. Howe, Indrajit Ray
Bounded Approximations for Linear Multi-Objective Planning Under Uncertainty PDF
Diederik Marijn Roijers, Joris Scharpff, Matthijs Spaan, Frans Oliehoek, Mathijs de Weerdt, Shimon Whiteson
Chance-Constrained Consistency for Probabilistic Temporal Plan Networks PDF
Pedro Henrique Rodrigues Quemel e Assis Santana, Brian Charles Williams
Plan Repair for Resource Constrained Tasks via Numeric Macro Actions PDF
Enrico Scala
Diverse and Additive Cartesian Abstraction Heuristics PDF
Jendrik Seipp, Malte Helmert
Relaxation Heuristics for Multiagent Planning PDF
Michal Štolba, Antonín Komenda
The Complexity of Partial-Order Plan Viability Problems PDF
Xing Tan, Michael Gruninger
Computing Solutions in Infinite-Horizon Discounted Adversarial Patrolling Games PDF
Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Bo An, Milind Tambe, Satinder Singh
Efficient Stubborn Sets: Generalized Algorithms and Selection Strategies PDF
Martin Wehrle, Malte Helmert
Spatially Distributed Multiagent Path Planning PDF
Christopher Makoto Wilt, Adi Botea
Resolving Uncontrollable Conditional Temporal Problems Using Continuous Relaxations PDF
Peng Yu, Cheng Fang, Brian Williams

Short Papers

Analyzing the Impact of Partial States on Duplicate Detection and Collision of Frontiers PDF
Vidal Alcázar, Susana Fernández, Daniel Borrajo
Improved Features for Runtime Prediction of Domain-Independent Planners PDF
Chris Fawcett, Mauro Vallati, Frank Hutter, Jörg Hoffmann, Holger H Hoos, Kevin Leyton-Brown
Plan and Activity Recognition from a Topic Modeling Perspective PDF
Richard G. Freedman, Hee-Tae Jung, Shlomo Zilberstein
Under-Approximation Refinement for Classical Planning PDF
Manuel Heusner, Martin Wehrle, Florian Pommerening, Malte Helmert
Non-Deterministic Planning With Conditional Effects PDF
Christian Muise, Sheila A. McIlraith, Vaishak Belle
A Comparison of Knowledge-Based GBFS Enhancements and Knowledge-Free Exploration PDF
Richard Anthony Valenzano, Nathan R. Sturtevant, Jonathan Schaeffer, Fan Xie
Discriminatively Reranking Abductive Proofs for Plan Recognition PDF
Sam Wiseman, Stuart Shieber

Novel Applications Special Track Full Papers

Plan, Repair, Execute, Explain — How Planning Helps to Assemble your Home Theater PDF
Pascal Bercher, Susanne Biundo, Thomas Geier, Thilo Hoernle, Florian Nothdurft, Felix Richter, Bernd Schattenberg
Near-Optimal Nonmyopic Contact Center Planning Using Dual Decomposition PDF
Akshat Kumar, Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh, Pranav Gupta, Gyana Parija
Planning for Mining Operations with Time and Resource Constraints PDF
Nir Lipovetzky, Christina N. Burt, Adrian R. Pearce, Peter J. Stuckey
The Route Not Taken: Driver-Centric Estimation of Electric Vehicle Range PDF
Peter Ondruska, Ingmar Posner
Automated Planning for Multi-Objective Machine Tool Calibration: Optimising Makespan and Measurement Uncertainty PDF
Simon Parkinson, Peter Gregory, Andrew Peter Longstaff, Andrew Crampton
Satellite Data Download Management with Uncertainty about the Generated Volumes PDF
Cédric Pralet, Gérard Verfaillie, Adrien Maillard, Emmanuel Hébrard, Nicolas Jozefowiez, Marie-Jo Huguet, Thierry Desmousceaux, Pierre Blanc-Paques, Jean Jaubert

Novel Applications Special Track Short Papers

Planning meets Data Cleansing PDF
Roberto Boselli, Mirko Cesarini, Fabio Mercorio, Mario Mezzanzanica

Robotics Special Track Full Papers

Planning the Behaviour of Low-Cost Quadcopters for Surveillance Missions PDF
Sara Bernardini, Maria Fox, Derek Long
A Robotic Execution Framework for Online Probabilistic (Re)Planning PDF
Caroline P. Carvalho Chanel, Charles Lesire, Florent Teichteil-Königsbuch
Integrated Motion Planning and Coordination for Industrial Vehicles PDF
Marcello Cirillo, Federico Pecora, Henrik Andreasson, Tansel Uras, Sven Koenig
Planning in Action Language BC while Learning Action Costs for Mobile Robots PDF
Piyush Khandelwal, Fangkai Yang, Matteo Leonetti, Vladimir Lifschitz, Peter Stone
A Tree-Based Algorithm for Construction Robots PDF
T. K. Satish Kumar, Sangmook Johnny Jung, Sven Koenig
Concurrent Plan Recognition and Execution for Human-Robot Teams PDF
Steven James Levine, Brian Charles Williams

Robotics Special Track Short Papers

Finding Ways to Get the Job Done: An Affordance-Based Approach PDF
Iman Awaad, Gerhard Kraetzschmar, Joachim Hertzberg
Making A* Run Faster than D*-Lite for Path-Planning in Partially Known Terrain PDF
Carlos Hernandez, Jorge A Baier, Roberto Asin
Path Planning for Dexterous Mobility PDF
Dirk Ruiken, Michael William Lanighan, Roderic A Grupen

Journal Special Track

Decentralized Multi-Robot Cooperation with Auctioned POMDPs PDF
Jesus Capitan, Matthijs Spaan, Luis Merino, Anibal Ollero
Single- and Dual-Arm Motion Planning with Heuristic Search PDF
Benjamin Cohen, Sachin Chitta, Maxim Likhachev
Building Virtual Behaviors from Partially Controllable Available Behaviors in Nondeterministic Environments PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Fabio Patrizi, Sebastian Sardina
The Complexity of Optimal Monotonic Planning: The Bad, The Good, and The Causal Graph PDF
Carmel Domshlak, Anton Nazarenko
Towards Robust Task Execution for Domestic Service Robots PDF
Anastassia Kuestenmacher, Naveed Akhtar, Paul G. Plöger, Gerhard Lakemeyer
C-FOREST: Parallel Shortest-Path Planning with Super Linear Speedup PDF
Michael Otte, Nikolaus Correll
Time-Dependent Simple Temporal Networks: Properties and Algorithms PDF
Cédric Pralet, Gérard Verfaillie
Property Directed Reachability for Automated Planning PDF
Martin Suda