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Full Technical Papers

Effective Heuristics and Belief Tracking for Planning with Incomplete Information PDF
Alexandre Albore, Miquel Ramírez, Hector Geffner
A Path Planning Algorithm for an AUV Guided with Homotopy Classes PDF
Emili Hernandez, Marc Carreras, Pere Ridao
Scaling Up Multiagent Planning: A Best-Response Approach PDF
Anders Jonsson, Michael Rovatsos
Trade-Offs in Sampling-Based Adversarial Planning PDF
Raghuram Ramanujan, Bart Selman
Heuristics for Planning with SAT and Expressive Action Definitions PDF
Jussi Rintanen
Learning Inadmissible Heuristics During Search PDF
Jordan Tyler Thayer, Austin Dionne, Wheeler Ruml
Planning to Perceive: Exploiting Mobility for Robust Object Detection PDF
Javier Velez, Garrett Hemann, Albert S. Huang, Ingmar Posner, Nicholas Roy