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Full Technical Papers

Automatic Construction of Efficient Multiple Battery Usage Policies PDF
Maria Fox, Derek Long, Daniele Magazzeni
When Optimal Is Just Not Good Enough: Learning Fast Informative Action Cost Partitionings PDF
Erez Karpas, Michael Katz, Shaul Markovitch
Heuristic Search for Generalized Stochastic Shortest Path MDPs PDF
Andrey Kolobov, Mausam Mausam, Daniel S. Weld, Hector Geffner
Scalable Scheduling for Hardware-Accelerated Functional Verification PDF
Michael D. Moffitt, Gernot E. G√ľnther
Automatic Polytime Reductions of NP Problems into a Fragment of STRIPS PDF
Aldo Porco, Alejandro Machado, Blai Bonet

Short Papers

Sample-Based Planning for Continuous Action Markov Decision Processes PDF
Chris Mansley, Ari Weinstein, Michael Littman