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Twenty-Second IAAI Conference A Centralized Multi-Agent Negotiation Approach to Collaborative Air Traffic Resource Management Planning Abstract
Peter A. Jarvis, Shawn R. Wolfe, Francis Y. Enomoto, Robert A. Nado, Maarten Sierhuis
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Data-Mining Approach to 3D Realistic Render Setup Assistance Abstract
Carlos Gonzalez Morcillo, Lorenzo Manuel Lopez Lopez, Jose Jesus Castro Sanchez, Bernhard Moser
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Fully Automatic System for Restoration of Historical Document Images Abstract
Jie Wang, Michael S. Brown, Chew Lim Tan
Twenty-Eighth IAAI Conference A Hidden Markov Model Approach to Infer Timescales for High-Resolution Climate Archives Abstract
Mai Winstrup
Twenty-Ninth IAAI Conference A Logic Based Approach to Answering Questions about Alternatives in DIY Domains Abstract
Yi Wang, Joohyung Lee, Doo Soon Kim
Twenty-Ninth IAAI Conference A Machine Learning Approach for Semantic Structuring of Scientific Charts in Scholarly Documents Abstract
Rabah A. Al-Zaidy, C. Lee Giles
Twenty-Second IAAI Conference A Machine Learning Approach to the Detection of Fetal Hypoxia during Labor and Delivery Abstract
Philip A. Warrick, Emily F. Hamilton, Robert E. Kearney, Doina Precup
Twenty-Third IAAI Conference A Machine Learning Based System for Semi-Automatically Redacting Documents Abstract
Chad Cumby, Rayid Ghani
Twenty-Fourth IAAI Conference A Methodology for Deploying the Max-Sum Algorithm and a Case Study on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Abstract
Francesco Maria Delle Fave, Alessandro Farinelli, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Multiagent System for Solving the Activity Selection and Scheduling Coordination Problem Abstract
James C. Boerkoel
Twenty-Fourth IAAI Conference A Real-Time Decision Support System for High Cost Oil-Well Drilling Operations Abstract
Odd Erik Gundersen, Frode Sørmo, Agnar Aamodt, Pål Skalle
Twenty-Seventh IAAI Conference A Robust and Extensible Tool for Data Integration Using Data Type Models Abstract
Andres Quiroz, Eric Huang, Luca Ceriani
Twenty-Sixth IAAI Conference A Schedule Optimization Tool for Destructive and Non-Destructive Vehicle Tests Abstract
Jeremy Ludwig, Annaka Kalton, Robert Richards, Brian Bautsch, Craig Markusic, J. Schumacher
Twenty-Second IAAI Conference A Sketch Recognition System for Recognizing Free-Hand Course of Action Diagrams Abstract
Tracy Anne Hammond, Drew Logsdon, Brandon Paulson, Joshua Johnston, Joshua Peschel, Aaron Wolin, Paul Taele
Twenty-Sixth IAAI Conference A Smart Range Helping Cognitively-Impaired Persons Cooking Abstract
Bruno Bouchard, Kevin Bouchard, Abdenour Bouzouane
Twenty-Sixth IAAI Conference A Speech-Driven Second Screen Application for TV Program Discovery Abstract
Peter Z. Yeh, Ben Douglas, William Jarrold, Adwait Ratnaparkhi, Deepak Ramachandran, Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Stephen Laverty, Nirvana Tikku, Sean Brown, Jeremy Mendel
Twenty-Second IAAI Conference A Testbed for Investigating Task Allocation Strategies between Air Traffic Controllers and Automated Agents Abstract
Nathan Schurr, Richard Good, Amy Alexander, Paul Picciano, Gabriel Ganberg, Michael Therrien, Bettina L. Beard, Jon Holbrook
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Tool for Gas Turbine Maintenance Scheduling Abstract
Markus Bohlin, Kivanc Doganay, Per Kreuger, Rebecca Steinert, Mathias Wärja
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Tool for Measuring the Reality of Technology Trends of Interest Abstract
Peter Z. Yeh, Colin A. Puri
Twenty-Sixth IAAI Conference A Unified Framework for Augmented Reality and Knowledge-Based Systems in Maintaining Aircraft Abstract
Geun-Sik Jo, Kyeong-Jin Oh, Inay Ha, Kee-Sung Lee, Myung-Duk Hong, Ulrich Neumann, Suya You
Twenty-Second IAAI Conference A Wiki with Multiagent Tracking, Modeling, and Coalition Formation Abstract
Nobel Khandaker, Leen-Kiat Soh
Twenty-Third IAAI Conference Abductive Inference for Combat: Using SCARE-S2 to Find High-Value Targets in Afghanistan Abstract
Paulo Shakarian, Mago Nagel, Brittany Schuetzle, V.S. Subrahmanian
Twenty-Third IAAI Conference Accelerating the Discovery of Data Quality Rules: A Case Study Abstract
Peter Z. Yeh, Colin A. Puri, Mark Wagman, Ajay K Easo
Twenty-Seventh IAAI Conference Activity Planning for a Lunar Orbital Mission Abstract
John L. Bresina
Twenty-Sixth IAAI Conference Advice Provision for Energy Saving in Automobile Climate Control Systems Abstract
Amos Azaria, Sarit Kraus, Claudia V. Goldman, Omer Tsimhoni
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