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Braziunas, Darius, Kobo Inc.
Braziunas, Darius, Rakuten Kobo Inc
Braziunas, Darius, Rakuten Kobo Inc.
Brânzei, Simina, University of California Berkeley
Brânzei, Simina, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Brânzei, Simina, University of Waterloo (Canada)
Brânzei, Simina, Aarhus University (Denmark)
Brüssow, Sven, University of Freiburg
Brdiczka, Oliver, Palo Alto Research Center
Brdiczka, Oliver, Vectra Networks
Breakspear, Michael, University of New South Wales and Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Breaux, Travis D., Carnegie Mellon University
Breaux, Travis D, Carnegie Mellon University
Breazeal, Cynthia, MIT Media Lab
Breazeal, Cynthia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bredereck, Robert, University of Oxford
Bredereck, Robert, Technical University of Berlin (Germany)
Bredereck, Robert, TU Berlin
Bredereck, Robert, Technische Universität Berlin
Bredeweg, Bert, University of Amsterdam
Breimyer, Paul, North Carolina State University
Breiner, Spencer, NIST
Breitinger, Frank, University of New Haven
Brem, Daniel, Technical University Munich
Brem, Elizabeth, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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