AAAI Publications, Twenty-Ninth IAAI Conference

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Phase-Mapper: An AI Platform to Accelerate High Throughput Materials Discovery
Yexiang Xue, Junwen Bai, Ronan Le Bras, Brendan Rappazzo, Richard Bernstein, Johan Bjorck, Liane Longpre, Santosh K. Suram, Robert B. van Dover, John Gregoire, Carla P. Gomes

Last modified: 2017-05-24


High-throughput materials discovery involves the rapid synthesis, measurement, and characterization of many different but structurally related materials. A central problem in materials discovery, the phase map identification problem, involves the determination of the crystal structure of materials from materials composition and structural characterization data. We present Phase-Mapper, a novel solution platform that allows humans to interact with both the data and products of AI algorithms, including the incorporation of human feedback to constrain or initialize solutions. Phase-Mapper is compatible with any spectral demixing algorithm, including our novel solver, AgileFD, which is based on convolutive non-negative matrix factorization. AgileFD allows materials scientists to rapidly interpret XRD patterns, and can incorporate constraints to capture the physics of the materials as well as human feedback. We compare three solver variants with previously proposed methods in a large-scale experiment involving 20 synthetic systems, demonstrating the efficacy of imposing physical constraints using AgileFD. Since the deployment of Phase-Mapper at the Department of Energy's Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP), thousands of X-ray diffraction patterns have been processed and the results are yielding discovery of new materials for energy applications, as exemplified by the discovery of a new family of metal oxide solar light absorbers, among the previously unsolved Nb-Mn-V oxide system, which is provided here as an illustrative example. Phase-Mapper is also being deployed at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) to enable phase mapping on datasets in real time.

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