Presentations and Authors

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Deployed Application Case Studies

Optimizing Limousine Service with AI PDF
Andy Hon Wai Chun
Surveillance of Parimutuel Wagering Integrity Using Expert Systems and Machine Learning PDF
Roy Stuart Freedman, Isidore Sobkowski
Practical Language Processing for Virtual Humans PDF
Anton Leuski, David Traum
AI-Based Software Defect Predictors: Applications and Benefits in a Case Study PDF
Ayse Tosun, Ayse Bener, Resat Kale

Emerging Application or Methodology

Agent-Based Decision Support: A Case-Study on DSL Access Networks PDF
Karsten Bsufka, Rainer Bye, Joël Chinnow, Stephan Schmidt, Leonid Batyuk
Estimation of Human Internal Temperature from Wearable Physiological Sensors PDF
Mark J. Buller, William J. Tharion, Reed W. Hoyt, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins
Design Privacy with Analogia Graph PDF
Yang Cai, Joseph Laws, Nathaniel Bauernfeind
Gaudii: An Automated Graphic Design Expert System PDF
Carlos Gonzalez Morcilllo, Victor Jose Martin, David Vallejo Fernandez, Jose Jesus Castro Sanchez, Javier Alonso Albusac
A Sketch Recognition System for Recognizing Free-Hand Course of Action Diagrams PDF
Tracy Anne Hammond, Drew Logsdon, Brandon Paulson, Joshua Johnston, Joshua Peschel, Aaron Wolin, Paul Taele
A Centralized Multi-Agent Negotiation Approach to Collaborative Air Traffic Resource Management Planning PDF
Peter A. Jarvis, Shawn R. Wolfe, Francis Y. Enomoto, Robert A. Nado, Maarten Sierhuis
Predicting Falls of a Humanoid Robot through Machine Learning PDF
Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, Ambarish Goswami
A Wiki with Multiagent Tracking, Modeling, and Coalition Formation PDF
Nobel Khandaker, Leen-Kiat Soh
Reinforcement Learning for Closed-Loop Propofol Anesthesia: A Human Volunteer Study PDF
Brett L. Moore, Periklis Panousis, Vivek Kulkarni, Larry D. Pyeatt, Anthony G. Doufas
Towards Applying Interactive POMDPs to Real-World Adversary Modeling PDF
Brenda Ng, Carol Meyers, Kofi Boakye, John Nitao
Natural Language Aided Visual Query Building for Complex Data Access PDF
Shimei Pan, Michelle Zhou, Keith Houck, Peter Kissa
Fast, Accurate, and Practical Identity Inference Using TV Remote Controls PDF
Mariano Phielipp, Magdiel Galan, Richard Lee, Branislav Kveton, Jeffrey Hightower
Providing Decision Support for Cosmogenic Isotope Dating PDF
Laura Rassbach, Elizabeth Bradley, Ken Anderson
A Testbed for Investigating Task Allocation Strategies between Air Traffic Controllers and Automated Agents PDF
Nathan Schurr, Richard Good, Amy Alexander, Paul Picciano, Gabriel Ganberg, Michael Therrien, Bettina L. Beard, Jon Holbrook
Ambulatory Energy Expenditure Estimation: A Machine Learning Approach PDF
Junaith Ahemed Shahabdeen, Amit Baxi, Lama Nachman
Sentiment Extraction: Integrating Statistical Parsing, Semantic Analysis, and Common Sense Reasoning PDF
Lokendra Shastri, Anju G. Parvathy, Abhishek Kumar, John Wesley, Rajesh Blakrishnan
Learning from Sensors and Past Experience in an Autonomous Oceanographic Probe PDF
Albert Vilamala, Enric Plaza, Josep Lluis Arcos
A Machine Learning Approach to the Detection of Fetal Hypoxia during Labor and Delivery PDF
Philip A. Warrick, Emily F. Hamilton, Robert E. Kearney, Doina Precup
Sketch Worksheets: A Sketch-Based Educational Software System PDF
Panrong Yin, Kenneth D. Forbus, Jeffrey Usher, Brad Sageman, Benjamin D. Jee

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