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Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Data-Mining Approach to 3D Realistic Render Setup Assistance Abstract
Carlos Gonzalez Morcillo, Lorenzo Manuel Lopez Lopez, Jose Jesus Castro Sanchez, Bernhard Moser
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Fully Automatic System for Restoration of Historical Document Images Abstract
Jie Wang, Michael S. Brown, Chew Lim Tan
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Multiagent System for Solving the Activity Selection and Scheduling Coordination Problem Abstract
James C. Boerkoel
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Tool for Gas Turbine Maintenance Scheduling Abstract
Markus Bohlin, Kivanc Doganay, Per Kreuger, Rebecca Steinert, Mathias Wärja
Twenty-First IAAI Conference A Tool for Measuring the Reality of Technology Trends of Interest Abstract
Peter Z. Yeh, Colin A. Puri
Twenty-First IAAI Conference An Agent-based Commodity Trading Simulation Abstract
Shih-Fen Cheng, Yee Pin Lim
Twenty-First IAAI Conference An Architecture for General Spatial Reasoning Abstract
Samuel Wintermute
Twenty-First IAAI Conference An Emergency Landing Planner for Damaged Aircraft Abstract
Nicolas F. Meuleau, Christian J. Plaunt, David E. Smith, Tristan B. Smith
Twenty-First IAAI Conference An Ensemble Learning and Problem Solving Architecture for Airspace Management Abstract
Xiaoqin (Shelly) Zhang, Sungwook Yoon, Phillip DiBona, Darren Appling, Li Ding, Janardhan Doppa, Derek Green, Jinhong Guo, Ugur Kuter, Geoff Levine, Reid MacTavish, Daniel McFarlane, James Michaelis, Hala Mostafa, Santiago Ontanon, Charles Parker, Jainarayan Radhakrishnan, Anton Rebguns, Bhavesh Shrestha, Zhexuan Song, Ethan Trewhitt, Huzaifa Zafar, Chongjie Zhang, Daniel Corkill, Gerald DeJong, Thomas Dietterich, Subbarao Kambhampati, Victor Lesser, Deborah L. McGuinness, Ashwin Ram, Diana Spears, Prasad Tadepalli, Elizabeth Whitaker, Weng-Keen Wong, James Hendler, Martin Hofmann, Kenneth Whitebread
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Application of the Actor-Critic Architecture to Functional Electrical Stimulation Control of a Human Arm Abstract
Philip Sebastian Thomas, Antonie van den Bogert, Kathleen Jagodnik, Michael Branicky
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Archiving the Semantics of Digital Engineering Artifacts in CIBER-U Abstract
William C. Regli, Michael Grauer, Joseph Kopena, David Wilkie, Martin Piecyk, Jordan Osecki
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Automated Critique of Sketched Mechanisms Abstract
Jon William Wetzel, Ken Forbus
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Automatic Generation of Personal Chinese Handwriting by Capturing the Characteristics of Personal Handwriting Abstract
Songhua Xu, Tao Jin, Hao Jiang, Francis C. M. Lau
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Automating Art Print Authentication Using Metric Learning Abstract
Charles Lincoln Parker, Paul Messier
Twenty-First IAAI Conference BioPlanner: A Plan Adaptation Approach for the Discovery of Biological Pathways across Species Abstract
Li Jin, Keith S. Decker, Carl J. Schmidt
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Bridging the Gap Between Centralised and Decentralised Multi-Agent Pathfinding Abstract
Ko-Hsin Cindy Wang
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Creating Human-like Autonomous Players in Real-time First Person Shooter Computer Games Abstract
Di Wang, Budhitama Subagdja, Ah-Hwee Tan, Gee-Wah Ng
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Developing an End-to-End Planning Application from a Timeline Representation Framework Abstract
Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa, Simone Fratini, Angelo Oddi
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Enabling Data Quality with Lightweight Ontologies Abstract
Clint R. Bidlack
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Estimating the Impact of Public and Private Strategies for Controlling an Epidemic: A Multi-Agent Approach Abstract
Christopher L. Barrett, Keith Bisset, Jonathan Leidig, Achla Marathe, Madhav Marathe
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Evaluating User-Adaptive Systems: Lessons from Experiences with a Personalized Meeting Scheduling Assistant Abstract
Pauline M. Berry, Thierry Donneau-Golencer, Khang Duong, Melinda Gervasio, Bart Peintner, Neil Yorke-Smith
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Game-Mechanics Reasoning for Automated Design Support Abstract
Mark J. Nelson
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Global Sensor Web Coordination and Control in a Multi-agent System Abstract
John S. Kinnebrew
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Hashigo: A Next-Generation Sketch Interactive System for Japanese Kanji Abstract
Paul Taele, Tracy Hammond
Twenty-First IAAI Conference Learning by Demonstration to Support Military Planning and Decision Making Abstract
Thomas Garvey, Melinda Gervasio, Thomas Lee, Karen Myers, Carl Angiolillo, Matthew Gaston, Janette Knittel, Jake Kolojejchick
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