AAAI Publications, Twenty-First IAAI Conference

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Automating Art Print Authentication Using Metric Learning
Charles Lincoln Parker, Paul Messier

Last modified: 2009-04-09


An important problem in the world of art historians is determining the type of paper on which a photograph is printed.  One way to determine the paper type is to capture a highly magnified image of the paper, then to compare this image to a database of known paper images.  Traditionally, this process is carried out by a human and is generally time-intensive.  Here we propose an automated solution to this problem, using wavelet decomposition techniques from image processing, as well as metric learning from the machine learning area.  We show, on a collection of real-world images of photographic paper, that the use of machine learning techniques produces a much better solution than image processing alone.


metric learning; ranking; image retrieval; texture recognition

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