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Deployed Track

Advisor Agent Support for Issue Tracking in Medical Device Development PDF
Touby A. Drew, Maria Gini
A Real-Time Decision Support System for High Cost Oil-Well Drilling Operations PDF
Odd Erik Gundersen, Frode Sørmo, Agnar Aamodt, Pål Skalle
Statistical Anomaly Detection for Train Fleets PDF
Anders Holst, Markus Bohlin, Jan Ekman, Ola Sellin, Björn Lindström, Stefan Larsen
Transcription System Using Automatic Speech Recognition for the Japanese Parliament (Diet) PDF
Tatsuya Kawahara
eBird: A Human/Computer Learning Network for Biodiversity Conservation and Research PDF
Steve Kelling, Jeff Gerbracht, Daniel Fink, Carl Lagoze, Weng-Keen Wong, Jun Yu, Theodoros Damoulas, Carla Gomes
Using AI Local Search to Improve an OR Optimizer PDF
Filipa Morgado, Ricardo L. Saldanha, Jorge Roussado, Luis Albino, Ernesto Morgado, Joao P. Martins
Applying Automated Language Translation at a Global Enterprise Level PDF
Nestor Rychtyckyj, Craig Plesco
Mechanix: A Sketch-Based Tutoring System for Statics Courses PDF
Stephanie Valentine, Francisco Vides, George Lucchese, David Turner, Hong-hoe Kim, Wenzhe Li, Julie Linsey, Tracy Hammond

Emerging Track

Applying Constraint Programming to Incorporate Engineering Methodologies into the Design Process of Complex Systems PDF
Odellia Boni, Fabiana Fournier, Nir Mashkif, Yehuda Naveh, Aviad Sela, Uri Shani, Zvi lando, Alon Modai
Using Quantitative Information to Improve Analogical Matching Between Sketches PDF
Maria de los Angeles Chang, Kenneth D. Forbus
A Methodology for Deploying the Max-Sum Algorithm and a Case Study on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles PDF
Francesco Maria Delle Fave, Alessandro Farinelli, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
Toward Habitable Assistance from Spoken Dialogue Systems PDF
Susan L. Epstein, Rebecca J. Passonneau, Tiziana Ligorio, Joshua Gordon
Integrating Learner Help Requests Using a POMDP in an Adaptive Training System PDF
Jeremiah T. Folsom-Kovarik, Gita Sukthankar, Sae Schatz
Using POMDPs to Control an Accuracy-Processing Time Trade-Off in Video Surveillance PDF
Komal Kapoor, Christopher Amato, Nisheeth Srivastava, Paul Schrater
Intelligent Computation of Reachability Sets for Space Missions PDF
Erik Edmund Komendera, Daniel Scheeres, Elizabeth Bradley
Using a Critic to Promote Less Popular Candidates in a People-to-People Recommender System PDF
Alfred Krzywicki, Wayne Wobcke, Xiongcai Cai, Michael Bain, Ashesh Mahidadia, Paul Compton, Yang Sok Kim
Local Search for Designing Noise-Minimal Rotorcraft Approach Trajectories PDF
Robert Morris, Kristen Brent Venable, Marco Pegoraro, James Lindsay
Learning Driver's Behavior to Improve the Acceptance of Adaptive Cruise Control PDF
Avi Rosenfeld, Zevi Bareket, Claudia V. Goldman, Sarit Kraus, David J. LeBlanc, Omer Tsimhoni
Multi-Agent Simulation of En-Route Human Air-Traffic Controller PDF
David Sislak, Premysl Volf, Michal Pechoucek, Christopher T. Cannon, Duc N. Nguyen, William C. Regli
QuickPup: A Heuristic Backtracking Algorithm for the Partner Units Configuration Problem PDF
Erich Christian Teppan, Gerhard Friedrich, Andreas A. Falkner
Cost-Sensitive Risk Stratification in the Diagnosis of Heart Disease PDF
Selen Uguroglu, Mark Doyle, Robert Biederman, Jaime Carbonell
Statistical Relational Learning to Predict Primary Myocardial Infarction from Electronic Health Records PDF
Jeremy C. Weiss, Sriraam Natarajan, Peggy L. Peissig, Catherine A. McCarty, Daivd Page
TRUSTS: Scheduling Randomized Patrols for Fare Inspection in Transit Systems PDF
Zhengyu Yin, Albert Xin Jiang, Matthew P. Johnson, Christopher Kiekintveld, Kevin Leyton-Brown, Tuomas Sandholm, Milind Tambe, John P. Sullivan

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