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Artificial Intelligence and the Web

Random-Radius Ball Method for Estimating Closeness Centrality PDF
Wataru Inariba, Takuya Akiba, Yuichi Yoshida
Read the Silence: Well-Timed Recommendation via Admixture Marked Point Processes PDF
Hideaki Kim, Tomoharu Iwata, Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Naonori Ueda

Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

Group Activity Selection on Social Networks PDF
Ayumi Igarashi, Dominik Peters, Edith Elkind
Tractable Algorithms for Approximate Nash Equilibria in Generalized Graphical Games with Tree Structure PDF
Luis E. Ortiz, Mohammad T. Irfan
Achieving Sustainable Cooperation in Generalized Prisoner's Dilemma with Observation Errors PDF
Fuuki Shigenaka, Tadashi Sekiguchi, Atsushi Iwasaki, Makoto Yokoo

Heuristic Search and Optimization

Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization for Deep Learning Algorithms Using Deterministic RBF Surrogates PDF
Ilija Ilievski, Taimoor Akhtar, Jiashi Feng, Christine Annette Shoemaker
Anytime Anyspace AND/OR Search for Bounding the Partition Function PDF
Qi Lou, Rina Dechter, Alexander Ihler

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Number Restrictions on Transitive Roles in Description Logics with Nominals PDF
Víctor Gutiérrez-Basulto, Yazmín Ibáñez-García, Jean Christoph Jung
Preferential Structures for Comparative Probabilistic Reasoning PDF
Matthew Harrison-Trainor, Wesley H. Holliday, Thomas F. Icard, III
Diagnosability Planning for Controllable Discrete Event Systems PDF
Hassan Ibrahim, Philippe Dague, Alban Grastien, Lina Ye, Laurent Simon

Machine Learning Applications

Learning Implicit Tasks for Patient-Specific Risk Modeling in ICU PDF
Nozomi Nori, Hisashi Kashima, Kazuto Yamashita, Susumu Kunisawa, Yuichi Imanaka

Machine Learning Methods

Denoising Criterion for Variational Auto-Encoding Framework PDF
Daniel Im Jiwoong Im, Sungjin Ahn, Roland Memisevic, Yoshua Bengio
Learning Non-Linear Dynamics of Decision Boundaries for Maintaining Classification Performance PDF
Atsutoshi Kumagai, Tomoharu Iwata

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Unsupervised Learning of Evolving Relationships Between Literary Characters PDF
Snigdha Chaturvedi, Mohit Iyyer, Hal Daume III

Reasoning under Uncertainty

Anytime Best+Depth-First Search for Bounding Marginal MAP PDF
Radu Marinescu, Junkyu Lee, Alexander Ihler, Rina Dechter


Inception-v4, Inception-ResNet and the Impact of Residual Connections on Learning PDF
Christian Szegedy, Sergey Ioffe, Vincent Vanhoucke, Alexander A Alemi

EAAI Symposium Full Papers

Creating Serious Robots That Improve Society PDF
Susan P. Imberman, Jean McManus, Gina Otts

Doctoral Consortium

Representations for Continuous Learning PDF
David Isele

What's Hot

Automated Negotiating Agents Competition (ANAC) PDF
Catholijn M. Jonker, Reyhan Aydogan, Tim Baarslag, Katsuhide Fujita, Takayuki Ito, Koen Hindriks

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