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State Detection Using Adaptive Human Sensor Sampling PDF
Ioannis Boutsis, Vana Kalogeraki, Dimitrios Gunopulos
Crowdsourcing Accurate and Creative Word Problems and Hints PDF
Yvonne Chen, Travis Mandel, Yun-En Liu, Zoran Popović
Efficient Techniques for Crowdsourced Top-k Lists PDF
Luca de Alfaro, Vassilis Polychronopoulos, Neoklis Polyzotis
MicroTalk: Using Argumentation to Improve Crowdsourcing Accuracy PDF
Ryan Drapeau, Lydia B. Chilton, Jonathan Bragg, Daniel S. Weld
Extending Workers' Attention Span Through Dummy Events PDF
Avshalom Elmalech, David Sarne, Esther David, Chen Hajaj
Understanding Crowdsourcing Workflow: Modeling and Optimizing Iterative and Parallel Processes PDF
Shinsuke Goto, Toru Ishida, Donghui Lin
Investigating the Influence of Data Familiarity to Improve the Design of a Crowdsourcing Image Annotation System PDF
Danna Gurari, Mehrnoosh Sameki, Margrit Betke
Leveraging the Contributions of the Casual Majority to Identify Appealing Web Content PDF
Tad Hogg, Kristina Lerman
"Is There Anything Else I Can Help You With?" Challenges in Deploying an On-Demand Crowd-Powered Conversational Agent PDF
Ting-Hao Kenneth Huang, Walter S. Lasecki, Amos Azaria, Jeffrey P. Bigham
Click Carving: Segmenting Objects in Video with Point Clicks PDF
Suyog Dutt Jain, Kristen Grauman
Studying the Effects of Task Notification Policies on Participation and Outcomes in On-the-go Crowdsourcing PDF
Yongsung Kim, Emily Harburg, Shana Azria, Aaron Shaw, Elizabeth Gerber, Darren Gergle, Haoqi Zhang
Crowdclass: Designing Classification-Based Citizen Science Learning Modules PDF
Doris Jung-Lin Lee, Joanne Lo, Moonhyok Kim, Eric Paulos
Validating the Quality of Crowdsourced Psychometric Personality Test Items PDF
Bao Sheng Loe, Francis Smart, Lenka Firtova, Corinna Brauner, Laura Lueneborg, David Stillwell
Crowdsourcing Relevance Assessments: The Unexpected Benefits of Limiting the Time to Judge PDF
Eddy Maddalena, Marco Basaldella, Dario De Nart, Dante Degl'Innocenti, Stefano Mizzaro, Gianluca Demartini
Why Is That Relevant? Collecting Annotator Rationales for Relevance Judgments PDF
Tyler McDonnell, Matthew Lease, Mucahid Kutlu, Tamer Elsayed
Probabilistic Modeling for Crowdsourcing Partially-Subjective Ratings PDF
An Thanh Nguyen, Matthew Halpern, Byron C. Wallace, Matthew Lease
Learning and Feature Selection under Budget Constraints in Crowdsourcing PDF
Besmira Nushi, Adish Singla, Andreas Krause, Donald Kossmann
Quality Estimation of Workers in Collaborative Crowdsourcing Using Group Testing PDF
Prakhar Ojha, Partha Talukdar
Learning to Scale Payments in Crowdsourcing with PropeRBoost PDF
Goran Radanovic, Boi Faltings
CRQA: Crowd-Powered Real-Time Automatic Question Answering System PDF
Denis Savenkov, Eugene Agichtein
Practical Peer Prediction for Peer Assessment PDF
Victor Shnayder, David C. Parkes
Learning Privacy Expectations by Crowdsourcing Contextual Informational Norms PDF
Yan Shvartzshnaider, Schrasing Tong, Thomas Wies, Paula Kift, Helen Nissenbaum, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Prateek Mittal
Much Ado About Time: Exhaustive Annotation of Temporal Data PDF
Gunnar A Sigurdsson, Olga Russakovsky, Ali Farhadi, Ivan Laptev, Abhinav Gupta
Evaluating Task-Dependent Taxonomies for Navigation PDF
Yuyin Sun, Adish Singla, Tori Qiao Yan, Andreas Krause, Dieter Fox
Interactive Consensus Agreement Games for Labeling Images PDF
Paul Upchurch, Daniel Sedra, Andrew Mullen, Haym Hirsh, Kavita Bala
Modeling Task Complexity in Crowdsourcing PDF
Jie Yang, Judith Redi, Gianluca Demartini, Alessandro Bozzon
Predicting Crowd Work Quality under Monetary Interventions PDF
Ming Yin, Yiling Chen