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Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction

Towards Semantic Multimodal Emotion Recognition for Enhancing Assistive Services in Ubiquitous Robotics PDF
Naouel Ayari, Hazem Abdelkawy, Abdelghani Chibani, Yacine Amirat
Toward Probabilistic Safety Bounds for Robot Learning from Demonstration PDF
Daniel S. Brown, Scott Niekum
How People Explain Action (and Autonomous Intelligent Systems Should Too) PDF
Maartje M. A. de Graaf, Bertram F. Malle
Spatial Referring Expression Generation for HRI: Algorithms and Evaluation Framework PDF
Lars Kunze, Tom Williams, Nick Hawes, Matthias Scheutz
Platform for Assessment and Monitoring of Infant Comfort PDF
Aomar Osmani, Massinissa Hamidi, Abdelghani Chibani
Topic and Prosodic Modeling for Interruption Management in Multi-User Multitasking Communication Interactions PDF
Nia Peters, Bhiksha Raj, Griffin Romigh
Formalism for Treatment of the Ambiguity in Front/Back Axis Expressions PDF
Edilson Rodrigues, Brandon Bennet
Balancing Explicability and Explanation in Human-Aware Planning PDF
Sarath Sreedharan, Tathagata Chakraborti, Subbarao Kambhampati
Integrating Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Learning for Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Mohan Sridharan
Knowledge for Synchronized Dual-Arm Robot Programming PDF
Maj Stenmark, Elin A. Topp, Mathias Haage, Jacek Malec
Who Takes the Lead? Automated Scheduling for Human-Robot Teams PDF
Brenda Castro, Montana Roberts, Karla Mena, Jim Boerkoel
Neurophysiological Heat Maps for Human-Robot Interaction Evaluation PDF
Chris S. Crawford, Marvin Andujar, Juan E. Gilbert
Does the Human's Representation Matter for Unsupervised Activity Recognition? PDF
Richard G. Freedman, Shlomo Zilberstein
Who Said That? A Comparative Study of Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation and Deep Learning Techniques PDF
Teun F. Krikke, Frank Broz, David Lane
Towards Socially Intelligent HRI Systems: Quantifying Emotional, Social, and Relational Context in Real-World Human Interactions PDF
Jesse Parent, Yelin Kim
Toward Supervised Reinforcement Learning with Partial States for Social HRI PDF
Emmanuel Senft, Séverin Lemaignan, Paul Baxter, Tony Belpaeme
Different XAI for Different HRI PDF
Raymond K. Sheh
Theoretical Concerns for the Integration of Repair PDF
Sean Trott, Federico Rossano
MengeROS: A Crowd Simulation Tool for Autonomous Robot Navigation PDF
Anoop Aroor, Susan L Esptein, Raj Korpan
Beam: A Collaborative Autonomous Mobile Service Robot PDF
Utkarsh Patel, Emre Hatay, Mike D'Arcy, Ghazal Zand, Pooyan Fazli
A Theoretical Model of Indirect Request Comprehension PDF
Sean Trott, Benjamin Bergen

Cognitive Assistance in Government and Public Sector Applications

Cognitive Assistance for Administrative Adjudication PDF
L. Karl Branting, Alexander Yeh, Brandy Weiss, Elizabeth Merkhofer, Bradford Brown
Evaluating the Operational Safety of a Digital Copilot PDF
Kevin Burns, Craig Bonaceto, Steven Estes, John Helleberg
Evidence From the Past: AI Decision Aids to Improve Housing Systems for Homeless Youth PDF
Hau Chan, Eric Rice, Phebe Vayanos, Milind Tambe, Matthew Morton
Implications of Generative Models in Government PDF
Matthew L. Dering, Conrad S. Tucker
Argumentation-Based Security for Social Good PDF
Erisa Karafili, Antonis C. Kakas, Nikolaos I. Spanoudakis, Emil C. Lupu
Collaborative Cognitive Assistants for Advanced Persistent Threat Detection PDF
Steven Meckl, Gheorghe Tecuci, Dorin Marcu, Mihai Boicu, Ahmed Bin Zaman
Conversational Services for Multi-Agency Situational Understanding PDF
Alun Preece, Dave Braines
Cognitive Assistance for Automating the Analysis of the Federal Acquisition Regulations System PDF
Srishty Saha, Karuna P. Joshi, Renee Frank

Deep Models and Artificial Intelligence for Military Applications

Position Paper: Rational Behavior Model (RBM) and Human-Robot Ethical Constraints Using Mission Execution Ontology (MEO) PDF
Don Brutzman, Curtis Blais, Robert McGhee, Duane Davis
Position Paper: Towards a Repeated Bayesian Stackelberg Game Model for Robustness Against Adversarial Learning PDF
Prithviraj Dasgupta, Joseph Collins
Integration of Graphs and Representation Learning PDF
Arjuna Flenner
Phylogenetic-Inspired Probabilistic Model Abstraction in Detection of Malware Families PDF
Krishnendu Ghosh, Jeffery Mills, Joseph Dorr
Using D3 to Visualize Lexical Link Analysis (LLA) and ADS-B Data PDF
Quinn Halpin, Ying Zhao, Anthony Kendall
Autonomous Outcomes: Shaping the Future Data Environment to Build Trust in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications PDF
Scott A. Humr
A Systems Approach to Battle Management Aids PDF
Bonnie Johnson
Simple Object Classification Using Binary Data PDF
Deanna Needell, Rayan Saab, Tina Woolf
Analysis of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Data PDF
Ryan Salcido, Anthony Kendall, Ying Zhao
A Framework Using Machine Vision and Deep Reinforcement Learning for Self-Learning Moving Objects in a Virtual Environment PDF
Richard Wu, Ying Zhao, Alan Clarke, Anthony Kendall

Human-Agent Groups: Studies, Algorithms, and Challenges

Toward Crowd-Sensitive Path Planning PDF
Anoop Aroor, Susan L. Epstein
Contextual Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Models for Autonomous Robots PDF
Naouel Ayari, Abdelghani Chibani, Yacine Amirat, Georges Fried
Effects of Network Latency on Games with Human and Distributed Agent Players PDF
William Birmingham, Britton Wolfe
Mr. Jones — Towards a Proactive Smart Room Orchestrator PDF
Tathagata Chakraborti, Kartik Talamadupula, Mishal Dholakia, Biplav Srivastava, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Rachel K. E. Bellamy
Towards Intelligent Decision Support in Human Team Planning PDF
Joseph Kim, Julie A. Shah
RADAR — A Proactive Decision Support System for Human-in-the-Loop Planning PDF
Sailik Sengupta, Tathagata Chakraborti, Sarath Sreedharan, Satya Gautam Vadlamudi, Subbarao Kambhampati
Explanations as Model Reconciliation — A Multi-Agent Perspective PDF
Sarath Sreedharan, Tathagata Chakraborti, Subbarao Kambhampati
Bounty Hunting and Human-Agent Group Task Allocation PDF
Drew Wicke, Sean Luke
Proactive Conversation between Multiple Robots to Improve the Sense of Human–Robot Conversation PDF
Yuicho Yoshikawa, Takamasa Iio, Tsunehiro Arimoto, Hiroaki Sugiyama, Hiroshi Ishiguro

A Standard Model of the Mind

Two Problems Afflicting the Search for a Standard Model of the Mind PDF
Paul Bello, Selmer Bringsjord
Representational Issues in the Debate on the Standard Model of the Mind PDF
Antonio Chella, Marcello Frixione, Antonio Lieto
ICARUS’ Implications for the Standard Model of Mind PDF
Dongkyu Choi
Expanding a Standard Theory of Action Selection to Produce a More Complete Model of Cognition PDF
Brian W. Colder
A Standard Model of the Mind Needs a Body PDF
Christopher L. Dancy, Frank E. Ritter
Navigation, Cognitive Spatial Models, and the Mind PDF
Susan L. Epstein
Consciousness and Mood-Influenced Processing PDF
Richard Gabriel
General Model of Human Motivation and Goal Ranking PDF
Bart Gajderowicz, Mark S. Fox, Michael Grüninger
Constructing a Standard Model: Lessons from CHREST PDF
Fernand Gobet, Peter C. R. Lane
Toward a General Model of Human-Like General Intelligence PDF
Ben Goertzel, Eddie Monroe
Elemental Cognitive Acts, and Their Architecture PDF
Richard Granger, Eli Bowen, Antonio Rodriguez, Laura Ray, Chris Kymn, Khari Jarrett
Towards a Unified Theory of Mind and Brain PDF
Stephen Grossberg
Towards a Comprehensive Standard Model of Human-Like Minds PDF
Thomas R. Hinrichs, Kenneth D. Forbus
The Neural Cognitive Architecture PDF
Christian R. Huyck
Toward Human-Level Models of Minds PDF
Philip C. Jackson, Jr.
A Framework for Theories of Human Memory PDF
Matthew A. Kelly, Robert L. West
Holographic Declarative Memory: Using Distributional Semantics within ACT-R PDF
Matthew A. Kelly, David Reitter
EPIC Lessons for the Proposed Standard Model of the Mind PDF
David E. Kieras
Architectural Design of Mind & Brain from an Evolutionary Perspective PDF
Jerald D. Kralik
Understanding the Role of Visual Mental Imagery in Intelligence: The Retinotopic Reasoning (R2) Cognitive Architecture PDF
Maithilee Kunda
Narrative as a Fundamental Information Unit in the Mind PDF
Carlos León
Towards a Standard Cognitive Framework for Socially Oriented, Adaptive, and Generative Human-Environment Agents PDF
Jens K. Madsen, Richard Bailey, Ernesto Carrella, Toby Pilditch
An Experience Is a Knowledge Representation PDF
Keith McGreggor
Multiple Representations in Cognitive Architectures PDF
David Peebles, Peter C.-H. Cheng
A Mathematical and Physical Base for "A Standard Model of the Mind" PDF
Emmett Redd, A. Steven Younger
Integrated Cognition: A Framework Proposal PDF
Robert M. Rolfe, Brian A. Haugh
Integrated Cognition: A Survey of Systems PDF
Robert M. Rolfe, Brian A. Haugh
Lessons from Mapping Sigma onto the Standard Model of the Mind: Self-Monitoring, Memory/Learning, and Symbols PDF
Paul Rosenbloom
Anatomy of a Task: Towards a Tentative Taxonomy of the Mind PDF
David Sekora, Samuel Barham, Justin Brody, Don Perlis
Leveling Up: Strategies to Achieve Integrated Cognitive Architectures PDF
Paul E. Silvey
Continuous and Parallel: Challenges for a Standard Model of the Mind PDF
Terrence C. Stewart, Chris Eliasmith
An Integrated Computational Framework for Attention, Reinforcement Learning, and Working Memory PDF
Andrea Stocco
Cognitive Architectures: Innate or Learned? PDF
Niels A. Taatgen
The Distributed Adaptive Control Theory of the Mind and Brain as a candidate Standard Model of the Human Mind PDF
Paul F. M. J. Verschure
Proposal to Add Emotion to the Standard Model PDF
Robert L. West, Jeremy T. Young