AAAI Publications, 2017 AAAI Fall Symposium Series

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Towards a Standard Cognitive Framework for Socially Oriented, Adaptive, and Generative Human-Environment Agents
Jens K. Madsen, Richard Bailey, Ernesto Carrella, Toby Pilditch

Last modified: 2017-10-09


While several unified theories of cognition have been proposed, no framework has been established with the same degree of universal agreement as in biology and physics. A universal model of cognition is needed to direct research, push cognitive sciences, and test more or less realistic interventions on shifting environments. Here, we propose the necessary components for modelling a socially oriented, generative, and adaptive agent. We argue such a model requires modules for information input, management, storage, and use in order to grow an agent capable of human-like adaptive, socio-cultural behavioural strategies. We further argue that such an agent may be tested in different contexts through Agent-Based Modelling.


cognition; artificial intelligence; decision-making; agent-based model

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