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Discovery Informatics

Organizing Committee PDF
Gulley A. P. C. Burns, Yolanda Gil, Yan Liu, Natalia Villanueva-Rosales
Preface PDF
Gully A. P. C. Burns, Yolanda Gil, Yan Liu, Natalia Villanueva-Rosales
Invited Talks PDF
Richard J. Doyle, Michel Dumontier, Haym Hirsh, David Jensen, Peter Karp, Claire Monteleoni, Zoen Obradovic, Christopher Re, Andrey Rzhetsky, Kiri L. Wagstaff
Finna: A Paragraph Prioritization System for Biocuration in the Neurosciences PDF
Kyle H. Ambert, Aaron M. Cohen, Gully APC Burns, Eilis Boudreau, Kemal Sonmez
ELSEWeb Meets SADI: Supporting Data-to-Model Integration for Biodiversity Forecasting PDF
Nicholas Del Rio, Natalia Villanueva-Rosales, Deana Pennington, Karl Benedict, Aimee Stewart, C. J. Grady
Forensic Reasoning about Paleoclimatology PDF
Laura Rassbach de Vesine, Kenneth Anderson, Marek Zreda, Christopher Zweck, Elizabeth Bradley
Creating an Urban Legend: A System for Electrophysiology Data Management and Exploration PDF
Anita de Waard, Jeremy Alder, Shawn D. Burton, Richard C. Gerkin, Mark Harviston, David Marques, Shreejoy J. Tripathy, Nathaniel N. Urban
Linkitup: Link Discovery for Research Data PDF
Rinke Hoekstra, Paul Groth
Capturing Data Analytics Expertise with Visualizations in Workflows PDF
David Kale, Samuel Di, Yan Liu, Yolanda Gil
MetaShare: From Data Management Plans to Knowledge-Based Systems PDF
Leonardo Salayandia, Deana Pennington, Ann Q. Gates, Frank Osuna

How Should Intelligence Be Abstracted in AI Research

Organizing Committee PDF
Sebastian Risi, Joel Lehman, Jeff Clune
Preface PDF
Sebastian Risi, Joel Lehman, Jeff Clune
How Can the Blind Men See the Elephant? PDF
Bonny Banerjee
Systematic Variation in Cytoarchitectural Landscapes in the Isocortex of Primates and Rodents PDF
Christine Charvet, Diarmuid Cahalane, Barbara Finlay
Models of Brains: What Should We Borrow From Biology? PDF
Oliver J. Coleman, Alan D. Blair
Bridging the Mind-Brain Gap by Morphogenetic ''Neuron Flocking'': The Dynamic Self-Organization of Neural Activity into Mental Shapes PDF
Rene Doursat
Distributional Relational Networks PDF
André Freitas, João C. P. da Silva, Seán O’Riain, Edward Curry
Combining a POMDP Abstraction with Replanning to Solve Complex, Position-Dependent Sensing Tasks PDF
Devin Grady, Mark Moll, Lydia E. Kavraki
Operational Representation — A Unifying Representation for Activity Learning and Problem Solving PDF
Seng-Beng Ho
Guiding Evolutionary Learning by Searching for Regularities in Behavioral Trajectories: A Case for Representation Agnosticism PDF
Krzysztof Krawiec, Jerry Swan
Reflections on Abstractions for General Artificial Intelligence PDF
John Edwin Laird
Quantitative Symbolic Process Models: How a Fair Fraction of Intelligence Could Be Abstracted in AI Research PDF
Eric Mjolsness
Artificial Life and Machine Consciousness PDF
Andrew L. Nelson
How to Abstract Intelligence? (If Verification Is in Order) PDF
Shashank Pathak, Luca Pulina, Giorgio Metta, Armando Tacchella
The Case for Evolution in Engineering Brains PDF
Kenneth O. Stanley
Predicting Situated Behaviour Using Sequences of Abstract Spatial Relations PDF
Jay Young, Nick Hawes
Integrating Declarative Programming and Probabilistic Planning for Robots PDF
Shiqi Zhang, Mohan Sridharan
Soft Rule Ensembles for Supervised Learning PDF
Deniz Akdemir, Nicolas Heslot, Jean-Luc Jannink
An Ecological Development Abstraction for Artificial Intelligence PDF
Samuel H. Kenyon
Exploring Biological Intelligence through Artificial Intelligence and Radical Reimplementation PDF
Joel Lehman, Kenneth O. Stanley
A Compiler for CPPNs: Transforming Phenotypic Descriptions Into Genotypic Representations PDF
Sebastian Risi
Sports Video Classification from Multimodal Information Using Deep Neural Networks PDF
Devendra Singh Sachan, Umesh Tekwani, Amit Sethi
Carving Out Evolutionary Paths Towards Greater Complexity PDF
Gene Sher
Evolutionary Scheduler for Content Pre-Fetching in Mobile Networks PDF
Omar K. Shoukry, Magda B. Fayek
Reasoning with Uncertainties Over Existence of Objects PDF
Vien Anh Ngo, Marc Toussaint
An Introduction to the Cognitive Calculus: A Calculus of the Human Mind PDF
Christian C. Wagner, James G. Schiiller
Nothing Is Absolute PDF
Ke Wang
A Myriad of Automation Serving a Unified Reflective Safe/Moral Will PDF
Mark R. Waser
Natural Information and Computation: A Proposal Based on Interaction and Decision Making PDF
Rafael Silveira Xavier, Leandro Nunes de Castro

Integrated Cognition

Organizing Committee PDF
Christian Lebiere, Paul S. Rosenbloom
Preface PDF
Christian Lebiere, Paul S. Rosenbloom
Integrating Perception, Narrative, Premonition and Confabulatory Continuation PDF
Ladislau Boloni
Towards a Neurocognitive Model of Visual Perception PDF
Arpan Chakraborty, Robert St. Amant
Methods for Integrating Knowledge with the Three-Weight Optimization Algorithm for Hybrid Cognitive Processing PDF
Nate Derbinsky, Jose Bento, Jonathan S. Yedidia
Meta-Level and Domain-Level Processing in Task-Oriented Dialogue PDF
Alfredo Gabaldon, Pat Langley, Ben Meadows
A Case Study of Knowledge Integration Across Multiple Memories in Soar PDF
John Edwin Laird, Shiwali Mohan
A Model of Social Dynamics for Social Intelligent Agents PDF
Samuel Francisco Mascarenhas, Nuno Marques, Joana Campos, Ana Paiva
Data-Driven Goal Generation for Integrated Cognitive Systems PDF
Michael Maynord, Michael T. Cox, Matt Paisner, Don Perlis
Integrating Metacognition into Artificial Agents PDF
Kenneth M. Mbale, Darsana Josyula
What's between KISS and KIDS: A Keep It Knowledgeable (KIKS) Principle for Cognitive Agent Design PDF
Benjamin D. Nye
Modeling Human Emotional Intelligence in Virtual Agents PDF
Alexei V. Samsonovich
A Motivational System for Mind Model CAM PDF
Zhongzhi Shi, Jianhua Zhang, Jinpeng Yue, Baoyuan Qi
Integrating Systems and Theories in the SAL Hybrid Architecture PDF
Andrew Michael Szabados, Seth Herd, Yury Vinokurov, Christian Lebiere, Randall C. O'Reilly
The Gap between Architecture and Model: Strategies for Executive Control PDF
Niels Anne Taatgen
The Macro Architecture Hypothesis: A Theoretical Framework for Integrated Cognition PDF
Robert Lawrence West
Integrating Language and Cognitive Architecture PDF
John Tracy Hale, Richard L. Lewis, David Reitter, Chung-chieh Shan, Sashank Varma

Semantics for Big Data

Organizing Committee PDF
Frank van Harmelen, James A. Hendler, Pascal Hitzler, Krzysztof Janowicz
Measuring Crowd Truth for Medical Relation Extraction PDF
Lora Aroyo, Chris Welty
Rough Set Semantics for Identity on the Web PDF
Wouter Beek, Stefan Schlobach, Frank van Harmelen
Unsupervised Rating Prediction based on Local and Global Semantic Models PDF
Adrian Boteanu, Sonia Chernova
Large Scale Social Network Analysis Using Semantic Web Technologies PDF
Dominic Difranzo, Qingpeng Zhang, Kristine Gloria, James Hendler
Web Scale Information Extraction with LODIE PDF
Anna Lisa Gentile, Ziqi Zhang, Fabio Ciravegna
Semantics for Big Data Integration and Analysis PDF
Craig A. Knoblock, Pedro Szekely
Comparing and Evaluating Semantic Data Automatically Extracted from Text PDF
Dawn Lawrie, Tim Finin, James Mayfield, Paul McNamee
Semantic Interoperability in the Oil and Gas Industry: A Challenging Testbed for Semantic Technologies PDF
Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner, Georg Grossmann, Andreas Jordan
Crowdsourcing Semantics for Big Data in Geoscience Applications PDF
Thomas William Narock, Pascal Hitzler
Large-Scale Knowledge Graph Identification Using PSL PDF
Jay Pujara, Hui Miao, Lise Getoor, William W. Cohen
Developing Semantic Classifiers for Big Data PDF
Richard Scherl
Pragmatic Semantics for the Web of Data PDF
Wouter Beek, Stefan Schlobach
Entity Type Recognition for Heterogeneous Semantic Graphs PDF
Jennifer Sleeman, Tim Finin
Semantics-Empowered Approaches to Big Data Processing for Physical-Cyber-Social Applications PDF
Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Amit P. Sheth
Three Laws Learned from Web-Scale Reasoning PDF
Jacopo Urbani

Social Networks and Social Contagion: Web Analytics and Computational Social Science

Organizing Committee PDF
Samarth Swarup
Preface PDF
Samarth Swarup
Associative Patterns of Web Browsing Behavior PDF
Myriam Abramson, Shantanu Gore
Spatiotemporal Patterns in Social Networks PDF
Nibir Bora, Vladimir Zaytsev, Yu-Han Chang, Rajiv Maheswaran
Mining for Spatially-Near Communities in Geo-Located Social Networks PDF
Joseph Hannigan, Guillermo Hernandez, Richard M. Medina, Patrick Roos, Paulo Shakarian
Influence Study on Hyper-Graphs PDF
Dimitrios Vogiatzis
The Co-Evolution of Communication Networks and Drinking Behaviors PDF
Cheng Wang, David S. Hachen, Omar Lizardo
A Study of SourceForge Users and User Network PDF
Liguo Yu, Srini Ramaswamy
Modeling Crime Diffusion and Crime Suppression on Transportation Networks: An Initial Report PDF
Chao Zhang, Albert Xin Jiang, Martin Short, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Milind Tambe