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Advances in Cognitive Systems

Memory-Centred Architectures: Perspectives on Human-Level Cognitive Competencies PDF
Paul Edward Baxter, Rachel Wood, Anthony Morse, Tony Belpaeme
Evaluating Integrated, Knowledge-Rich Cognitive Systems PDF
Randolph M. Jones, Robert E. Wray, III
Building Human-Level AI for Real-Time Strategy Games PDF
Ben George Weber, Michael Mateas, Arnav Jhala
Protocols for Reference Sharing in a Belief Ascription Model of Communication PDF
Yorick Wilks
The Strong Story Hypothesis and the Directed Perception Hypothesis PDF
Patrick Henry Winston

Building Representations of Common Ground with Intelligent Agents

Outcome Matrix Based Phrase Selection PDF
Alan Richard Wagner

Complex Adaptive Systems: Energy, Information, and Intelligence

A Complex Adaptive Systems Investigation of the Social-Ecological Dynamics of Three Fisheries PDF
Peter S. Hayes, James Wilson, Clare Bates Congdon, Liying Yan, Jack Hill, James Acheson, Yong Chen, Caitlin Cleaver, Anne Hayden, Teresa Johnson, Michael Kersula, Graham Morehead, Robert Steneck
Conscious Adaptation: Building Resilient Organizations PDF
Germaine Watts, John Paciga

Question Generation

Evaluating Questions in Context PDF
Lee Becker, Martha S. Palmer, Sarel van Vuuren, Wayne H. Ward
Generating Mathematical Word Problems PDF
Sandra Williams

Robot-Human Teamwork in Dynamic Adverse Environments

A Multi-Party Negotiation Game for Improving Crisis Management Decision Making PDF
Thomas Rens, Catholijn M. Jonker, M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Zhiyong Wang