Presentations and Authors

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Advances in Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Assistants for Evidence-Based Reasoning Tasks PDF
Mihai Boicu, Dorin Marcu, Gheorghe Tecuci, David Schum
A Case Study in Integrating Probabilistic Decision Making and Learning in a Symbolic Cognitive Architecture: Soar Plays Dice PDF
John Edwin Laird, Nate Derbinsky, Miller Tinkerhess
Communicating, Interpreting, and Executing High-Level Instructions for Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Nishant Trivedi, Pat Langley, Paul Schermerhorn, Matthias Scheutz

Complex Adaptive Systems: Energy, Information, and Intelligence

Inhibiting the Diffusion of Contagions in Bi-Threshold Systems: Analytical and Experimental Results PDF
Christopher James Kuhlman, V. S. Anil Kumar, Madhav V. Marathe, Samarth Swarup, Gaurav Tuli, S. S. Ravi, Daniel J. Rosenkrantz
Ant Colony Optimization in a Changing Environment PDF
John Jefferson Seymour, Joseph Tuzo, Marie desJardins
Information Flow and the Distinction Between Self-Organized and Top-Down Dynamics in Bicycle Pelotons PDF
Hugh Trenchard
Using Agent-Based Simulation to Determine an Optimal Lane-Changing Strategy on a Multi-Lane Highway PDF
Joseph Tuzo, John Seymour, Marie desJardins

Question Generation

Augmenting Conversational Characters with Generated Question-Answer Pairs PDF
Elnaz Nouri, Ron Artstein, Anton Leuski, David Traum
Effects of Video-Based Peer Modeling on the Question Asking and Text Comprehension of Struggling Adolescent Readers PDF
Kallen E. Tsikalas

Robot-Human Teamwork in Dynamic Adverse Environments

Simulation Platform for Performance Test for Robots and Human Operations PDF
Masaru Shimizu, Tomoichi Takahashi