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Advances in Cognitive Systems

Bridging Dichotomies in Cognitive Architectures for Virtual Humans PDF
Paul Rosenbloom
Towards Adequate Knowledge and Natural Inference) PDF
Lenhart K. Schubert, Jonathan Gordon, Karl Stratos, Adina Rubinoff

Building Representations of Common Ground with Intelligent Agents

Towards Overcoming Miscommunication in Situated Dialogue by Asking Questions PDF
Matthew Marge, Alexander I. Rudnicky

Complex Adaptive Systems: Energy, Information, and Intelligence

Information Dynamics Across Sub-Networks: Germs, Genes, and Memes PDF
Patrick Grim, Daniel J. Singer, Christopher Reade, Steven Fisher
Inhibiting the Diffusion of Contagions in Bi-Threshold Systems: Analytical and Experimental Results PDF
Christopher James Kuhlman, V. S. Anil Kumar, Madhav V. Marathe, Samarth Swarup, Gaurav Tuli, S. S. Ravi, Daniel J. Rosenkrantz
A Simulation of Evolving Sustainable Technology Through Social Pressure PDF
Daniel E. Rush

Robot-Human Teamwork in Dynamic Adverse Environments

Smart Monitoring of Complex Public Scenes PDF
Luca Iocchi, Ndedi D. Monekosso, Daniele Nardi, Mircea Nicolescu, Paolo Remagnino, Maria Valera
Toward a Social Attentive Machine PDF
Matei Mancas, Nicolas Riche, Julien Leroy, Bernard Gosselin, Thierry Dutoit
A Multi-Party Negotiation Game for Improving Crisis Management Decision Making PDF
Thomas Rens, Catholijn M. Jonker, M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Zhiyong Wang