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Advances in Cognitive Systems

Effective and Efficient Management of Soar's Working Memory via Base-Level Activation PDF
Nate Derbinsky, John E. Laird
The Role of Knowledge and Certainty in Understanding for Dialogue PDF
Susan L. Epstein, Rebecca Passonneau, Joshua Gordon, Tiziana Ligorio
Representing and Reasoning About Spatial Regions Defined by Context PDF
Matthew Klenk, Nick Hawes, Kate Lockwood
A Case Study in Integrating Probabilistic Decision Making and Learning in a Symbolic Cognitive Architecture: Soar Plays Dice PDF
John Edwin Laird, Nate Derbinsky, Miller Tinkerhess
Preliminary Evaluation of Long-term Memories for Fulfilling Delayed Intentions PDF
Justin Li, John Laird
Improving Acquisition of Teleoreactive Logic Programs through Representation Change PDF
Nan Li, David J. Stracuzzi, Pat Langley
In Defense of the Neo-Piagetian Approach to Modeling and Engineering Human-Level Cognitive Systems PDF
John Licato, Selmer Bringsjord
Towards Situated, Interactive, Instructable Agents in a Cognitive Architecture PDF
Shiwali Mohan, John E. Laird
Mechanisms Meet Content: Integrating Cognitive Architectures And Ontologies PDF
Alessandro Oltramari, Christian Lebiere
Communicating, Interpreting, and Executing High-Level Instructions for Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Nishant Trivedi, Pat Langley, Paul Schermerhorn, Matthias Scheutz

Building Representations of Common Ground with Intelligent Agents

Modeling Expert Effects and Common Ground Using Questions Under Discussion PDF
Alex Djalali, David Clausen, Sven Lauer, Karl Schultz, Christopher Potts

Complex Adaptive Systems: Energy, Information, and Intelligence

Automatic Verification and Validation of a CAS Simulation of an Intensive Care Unit PDF
Christopher Eichelberger, Mirsad Hadzikadic, Ognjen Gajic, Guangxi Li
Population Wide Attitude Diffusion in Community Structured Graphs PDF
Kiran Lakkaraju, Ann Speed
Energy Constraints and Behavioral Complexity: The Case of a Robot with a Living Core PDF
Alberto Montebelli, Robert Lowe, Tom Ziemke

Question Generation

A Graph Theory Approach for Generating Multiple Choice Exams PDF
Sarah K. K. Luger
Augmenting Conversational Characters with Generated Question-Answer Pairs PDF
Elnaz Nouri, Ron Artstein, Anton Leuski, David Traum

Robot-Human Teamwork in Dynamic Adverse Environments

Toward a Social Attentive Machine PDF
Matei Mancas, Nicolas Riche, Julien Leroy, Bernard Gosselin, Thierry Dutoit
Dataset Acquisitions for USAR Environments PDF
Fran├žois Pomerleau, Benoit Lescot, Francis Colas, Ming Liu, Roland Siegwart