Presentations and Authors

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Advances in Cognitive Systems

Humanlike Problem Solving in the Context of the Traveling Salesperson Problem PDF
Alexandra Kirsch
Representing and Reasoning About Spatial Regions Defined by Context PDF
Matthew Klenk, Nick Hawes, Kate Lockwood
Towards a Domain-Independent Computational Framework for Theory Blending PDF
Maricarmen Martinez, Tarek Besold, Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger, Helmar Gust, Martin Schmidt, Ulf Krumnack
Modeling Learner’s Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategies in an Open-Ended Learning Environment PDF
James René Segedy, John S. Kinnebrew, Gautam Biswas

Complex Adaptive Systems: Energy, Information, and Intelligence

A Complex Adaptive Systems Investigation of the Social-Ecological Dynamics of Three Fisheries PDF
Peter S. Hayes, James Wilson, Clare Bates Congdon, Liying Yan, Jack Hill, James Acheson, Yong Chen, Caitlin Cleaver, Anne Hayden, Teresa Johnson, Michael Kersula, Graham Morehead, Robert Steneck
Inhibiting the Diffusion of Contagions in Bi-Threshold Systems: Analytical and Experimental Results PDF
Christopher James Kuhlman, V. S. Anil Kumar, Madhav V. Marathe, Samarth Swarup, Gaurav Tuli, S. S. Ravi, Daniel J. Rosenkrantz

Question Generation

Planning and Realizing Questions in Situated Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova
Evaluating HILDA in the CODA Project: A Case Study in Question Generation Using Automatic Discourse Analysis PDF
Pascal Kuyten, Hugu Hernault, Helmut Prendinger, Mitsuru Ishizuka

Robot-Human Teamwork in Dynamic Adverse Environments

Using Doctrines for Human-Robot Collaboration to Guide Ethical Behavior PDF
Geert-Jan M. Kruijff