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Commonsense Knowledge

The Metacognitive Loop: An Architecture for Building Robust Intelligent Systems PDF
Hamid Haidarian Shahri, Wikum Dinalankara, Scott Fults, Shomir Wilson, Donald Perlis, Matt Schmill, Tim Oates, Darsana Josyula, Michael Anderson

Complex Adaptive Systems

How do Systems Manage Their Adaptive Capacity to Successfully Handle Disruptions? A Resilience Engineering Perspective PDF
Matthieu Branlat, David D. Woods
An Analysis of the Robustness and Fragility of the Coagulation System PDF
Nathan Menke, Kevin Ward, Umesh Desai
Structural Robustness Confers Evolvability in Proteins PDF
Mary McLeod Rorick, Gunter P. Wagner
Evolutionary Robustness Checking in the Artificial Anasazi Model PDF
Forrest Stonedahl, Uri Wilensky

Computational Models of Narrative

Preface: Computational Models of Narrative PDF
Mark A. Finlayson, Pablo Gervas, Erik Mueller, Srini Narayanan, Patrick H. Winston
A Preliminary Analysis and Catalog of Thematic Labels PDF
Earl J. Wagner
Rethinking Traditional Planning Assumptions to Facilitate Narrative Generation PDF
Stephen G. Ware, R. Michael Young

Dialog with Robots

Ambiguities in Spatial Language Understanding in Situated Human Robot Dialogue PDF
Changsong Liu, Jacob Walker, Joyce Y. Chai
Modeling Human-Robot Interaction Based on Generic Interaction Patterns PDF
Julia Peltason, Britta Wrede
A Platform for Human-Robot Dialog Systems Research PDF
Rodney D. Nielsen, Richard Voyles, Daniel Bolanos, Mohammad H. Mahoor, Wilson D. Pace, Katie A. Siek, Wayne H. Ward

Manifold Learning and Its Applications

Stratification Learning through Homology Inference PDF
Paul Bendich, Sayan Mukherjee, Bei Wang

Quantum Informatics for Cognitive, Social, and Semantic Processes

Organizing Committee PDF
Peter D. Bruza, William Lawless, Keith van Rijsbergen, Donald A. Sofge, Dominic Widdows
Preface: Quantum Informatics for Cognitive, Social, and Semantic Processe PDF
Peter D. Bruza, William Lawless, Keith van Rijsbergen, Donald A. Sofge, Dominic Widdows
Logical Leaps and Quantum Connectives: Forging Paths through Predication Space PDF
Trevor Cohen, Dominic Widdows, Roger W. Schvaneveldt, Thomas C. Rindflesch
How Quantum Theory Is Developing the Field of Information Retrieval PDF
Dawei Song, Mounia Lalmas, Keith van Rijsbergen, Ingo Frommholz, Benjamin Piwowarski, Jun Wang, Peng Zhang, Guido Zuccon, Peter Bruza, Sachi Arafat, Leif Azzopardi, Emanuele Di Buccio, Alvaro Huertas-Rosero, Yuexian Hou, Massimo Melucci, Stefan Rueger
Tensor Product of Correlated Textual and Visual Features: A Quantum Theory Inspired Image Retrieval Framework PDF
Jun Wang, Dawei Song, Leszek Kaliciak
Explanation of Relevance Judgement Discrepancy with Quantum Interference PDF
Jun Wang, Dawei Song, Peng Zhang, Yuexian Hou, Peter Bruza
Automata Modeling for Cognitive Interference in Users' Relevance Judgment PDF
Peng Zhang, Dawei Song, Yuexian Hou, Jun Wang, Peter Bruza