Presentations and Authors

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Cognitive and Metacognitive Educational Systems

Organizing Committee PDF
Roberto Pirrone, Roger Azevedo, Gautam Biswas
Preface: Meta-Cognitive Educational Systems: One Step Forward PDF
Roberto Pirrone, Roger Azevedo, Gautam Biswas
A Framework to Induce Self-Regulation Through a Metacognitive Tutor PDF
Vincenzo Cannella, Arianna Pipitone, Giuseppe Russo, Roberto Pirrone
What Can Hypertext Re-Reading Tell Us about the Design of Adaptive (Metacognitive) Help Functions? PDF
Stephanie Pieschl, Rainer Bromme, Elmar Stahl
Using a Bottom-Up Approach to Design Computers as Metacognitive Tools to Enhance Learning of History PDF
Eric G. Poitras, Susanne P. Lajoie, Yuan-Jin Hong

Commonsense Knowledge

The Metacognitive Loop: An Architecture for Building Robust Intelligent Systems PDF
Hamid Haidarian Shahri, Wikum Dinalankara, Scott Fults, Shomir Wilson, Donald Perlis, Matt Schmill, Tim Oates, Darsana Josyula, Michael Anderson
Coarse Word-Sense Disambiguation Using Common Sense PDF
Catherine Havasi, Robert Speer, James Pustejovsky

Complex Adaptive Systems

Crisis as Reconfiguration of the Economic Complex Adaptive System. PDF
Grigorii Pushnoi

Computational Models of Narrative

Affecting Choices in Interactive Storytelling PDF PDF
Rui Dias Figueiredo, Ana Paiva
A Cultural Computing Approach to Interactive Narrative: The Case of the Living Liberia Fabric PDF
D. Fox Harrell, Chris Gonzalez, Hank Blumenthal, Ayoka Chenzira, Natasha Powell, Nathan Piazza, Michael Best

Dialog with Robots

Modeling Human-Robot Interaction Based on Generic Interaction Patterns PDF
Julia Peltason, Britta Wrede
Toward Fast Mapping for Robot Adjective Learning PDF
Allison Petrosino, Kevin Gold
Towards a Storytelling Humanoid Robot PDF
Rodolphe Gelin, Christophe d'Alessandro, Quoc Anh Le, Olivier Deroo, David Doukhan, Jean-Claude Martin, Catherine Pelachaud, Albert Rilliard, Sophie Rosset
A Platform for Human-Robot Dialog Systems Research PDF
Rodney D. Nielsen, Richard Voyles, Daniel Bolanos, Mohammad H. Mahoor, Wilson D. Pace, Katie A. Siek, Wayne H. Ward
Audio-Visual Communication in a Two Person Gross Manipulation Task PDF
Sarangi Patel Parikh, Joel Esposito, Jeremy Searock
Instruction Taking in the TeamTalk System PDF
Alexander I. Rudnicky, Aasish Pappu, Peng Li, Matthew Marge, Benjamin Frisch

Manifold Learning and Its Applications

Treating Epilepsy by Reinforcement Learning Via Manifold-Based Simulation PDF
Keith Bush, Joelle Pineau
Building a Job Lanscape from Directional Transition Data PDF
Dominique Perrault-Joncas, Marina Meila, Marc Scott

Quantum Informatics for Cognitive, Social, and Semantic Processes

How Quantum Theory Is Developing the Field of Information Retrieval PDF
Dawei Song, Mounia Lalmas, Keith van Rijsbergen, Ingo Frommholz, Benjamin Piwowarski, Jun Wang, Peng Zhang, Guido Zuccon, Peter Bruza, Sachi Arafat, Leif Azzopardi, Emanuele Di Buccio, Alvaro Huertas-Rosero, Yuexian Hou, Massimo Melucci, Stefan Rueger