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Cognitive and Metacognitive Educational Systems

The Role of Prompting and Feedback in Facilitating Students’ Learning about Science with MetaTutor PDF
Roger Azevedo, Amy Johnson, Candice Burkett, Amber Chauncey, Mihai Lintean, Zhiqiang Cai, Vasile Rus
Towards a Computational Model of Why Some Students Learn Faster than Others PDF
Nan Li, Noboru Matsuda, William Cohen, Kenneth Koedinger
Using Metacognitive Tools to Scaffold Medical Students Developing Clinical Reasoning Skills PDF
Nina McCurdy, Laura Naismith, Susanne P. Lajoie
Using a Bottom-Up Approach to Design Computers as Metacognitive Tools to Enhance Learning of History PDF
Eric G. Poitras, Susanne P. Lajoie, Yuan-Jin Hong

Commonsense Knowledge

Organizing Committee PDF
Catherine Havasi, Doug Lenat, Benjamin Van Durme
Preface PDF
Catherine Havasi, Doug Lenat, Benjamin Van Durme
Cross-Domain Scruffy Inference PDF
Kenneth Charles Arnold, Henry Lieberman
CrossBridge: Finding Analogies Using Dimensionality Reduction PDF
Jayant Krishnamurthy, Henry Lieberman
Commonsense from the Web: Relation Properties PDF
Thomas Lin, . Mausam, Oren Etzioni

Complex Adaptive Systems

A Cognitive-Consistency Based Model of Population Wide Attitude Change PDF
Kiran Lakkaraju, Ann Speed
Persistence in the Political Economy of Conflict: The Case of the Afghan Drug Industry PDF
Maciej M. Latek, Seyed M. Mussavi Rizi, Armando Geller

Computational Models of Narrative

Toward a Computational Model of Narrative PDF
George Lakoff, Srini Narayanan
Considerations in Representing Myths, Legends, and Folktales PDF
R. Raymond Lang
Towards a Black Box Approximation to Human Processing of Narratives Based on Heuristics over Surface Form PDF
Carlos León, Pablo Gervás
Social Issues in the Understanding of Narrative PDF
Charlotte Linde
Comparing Formal Frameworks of Narrative Structure PDF
Benedikt Loewe

Dialog with Robots

Ambiguities in Spatial Language Understanding in Situated Human Robot Dialogue PDF
Changsong Liu, Jacob Walker, Joyce Y. Chai
Preparing to Talk: Interaction between a Linguistically Enabled Agent and a Human Teacher PDF
Caroline Lyon, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Joe Saunders
Policy Activation for Open-Ended Dialogue Management PDF
Pierre Lison, Geert-Jan M. Kruijff
Instruction Taking in the TeamTalk System PDF
Alexander I. Rudnicky, Aasish Pappu, Peng Li, Matthew Marge, Benjamin Frisch

Manifold Learning and Its Applications

Invited Talk Abstracts PDF
Yi Ma, Fei Sha, Lawrence Carin, Gilad Lerman, Neil Lawrence

Proactive Assistant Agents

Hierarchical Multimodal Planning for Pervasive Interaction PDF
Yong Lin, Fillia Makedon

Quantum Informatics for Cognitive, Social, and Semantic Processes

Organizing Committee PDF
Peter D. Bruza, William Lawless, Keith van Rijsbergen, Donald A. Sofge, Dominic Widdows
Preface: Quantum Informatics for Cognitive, Social, and Semantic Processe PDF
Peter D. Bruza, William Lawless, Keith van Rijsbergen, Donald A. Sofge, Dominic Widdows
Endogenous Preferences in Games with Type Indeterminate Players PDF
Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky
Social-Psychological Harmonic Oscillators in the Self-Regulation of Organizations and Systems: The Physics of Conservation of Information (COI) PDF
William F. Lawless, Donald A. Sofge
How Quantum Theory Is Developing the Field of Information Retrieval PDF
Dawei Song, Mounia Lalmas, Keith van Rijsbergen, Ingo Frommholz, Benjamin Piwowarski, Jun Wang, Peng Zhang, Guido Zuccon, Peter Bruza, Sachi Arafat, Leif Azzopardi, Emanuele Di Buccio, Alvaro Huertas-Rosero, Yuexian Hou, Massimo Melucci, Stefan Rueger