Presentations and Authors

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Cognitive and Metacognitive Educational Systems

Organizing Committee PDF
Roberto Pirrone, Roger Azevedo, Gautam Biswas
Preface: Meta-Cognitive Educational Systems: One Step Forward PDF
Roberto Pirrone, Roger Azevedo, Gautam Biswas
Dysregulated Learning with Advanced Learning Technologies PDF
Roger Azevedo, Reza Feyzi-Behnagh
The Role of Prompting and Feedback in Facilitating Students’ Learning about Science with MetaTutor PDF
Roger Azevedo, Amy Johnson, Candice Burkett, Amber Chauncey, Mihai Lintean, Zhiqiang Cai, Vasile Rus

Commonsense Knowledge

Cross-Domain Scruffy Inference PDF
Kenneth Charles Arnold, Henry Lieberman
The Metacognitive Loop: An Architecture for Building Robust Intelligent Systems PDF
Hamid Haidarian Shahri, Wikum Dinalankara, Scott Fults, Shomir Wilson, Donald Perlis, Matt Schmill, Tim Oates, Darsana Josyula, Michael Anderson
A Turing Game for Commonsense Knowledge Extraction PDF
Juan Fernando Mancilla-Caceres, Eyal Amir
A Japanese Natural Language Toolset Implementation for ConceptNet PDF
Tyson Michael Roberts, Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki

Complex Adaptive Systems

Weaving the Social Fabric: The Past, Present, and Future of Optimization Problem Solving with Cultural Algorithms PDF
Xiangdong Che, Mustafa Z. Ali, Robert Gene Reynolds
Replicator Dynamics of Coevolving Networks PDF
Aram Galstyan, Ardeshir Kianercy, Armen Allahverdyan

Computational Models of Narrative

StatsMonkey: A Data-Driven Sports Narrative Writer PDF
Nicholas D. Allen, John R. Templon, Patrick Summerhays McNally, Larry Birnbaum, Kristian Hammond

Dialog with Robots

The Role of Embodiment and Perspective in Direction-Giving Systems PDF
Dai Hasegawa, Justine Cassell, Kenji Araki
Grounding New Words on the Physical World in Multi-Domain Human-Robot Dialogues PDF
Mikio Nakano, Naoto Iwahashi, Takayuki Nagai, Taisuke Sumii, Xiang Zuo, Ryo Taguchi, Takashi Nose, Akira Mizutani, Tomoaki Nakamura, Muhanmad Attamim, Hiromi Narimatsu, Kotaro Funakoshi, Yuji Hasegawa
Towards a Storytelling Humanoid Robot PDF
Rodolphe Gelin, Christophe d'Alessandro, Quoc Anh Le, Olivier Deroo, David Doukhan, Jean-Claude Martin, Catherine Pelachaud, Albert Rilliard, Sophie Rosset

Manifold Learning and Its Applications

Hierarchical Clustering Via Localized Diffusion Folders PDF
Gil David, Amir Averbuch, Ronald R. Coifman
Detection of Anomaly Trends in Dynamically Evolving Systems PDF
Neta Rabin, Amir Averbuch

Quantum Informatics for Cognitive, Social, and Semantic Processes

The Pet-Fish Problem on the World-Wide Web PDF
Diederik Aerts, Marek Czachor, Bart D'Hooghe, Sandro Sozzo
A Contextual Quantum-Based Formalism for Population Dynamics PDF
Diederik Aerts, Marek Czachor, Sandro Sozzo
How Quantum Theory Is Developing the Field of Information Retrieval PDF
Dawei Song, Mounia Lalmas, Keith van Rijsbergen, Ingo Frommholz, Benjamin Piwowarski, Jun Wang, Peng Zhang, Guido Zuccon, Peter Bruza, Sachi Arafat, Leif Azzopardi, Emanuele Di Buccio, Alvaro Huertas-Rosero, Yuexian Hou, Massimo Melucci, Stefan Rueger