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Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

Preface PDF
Alexei V. Samsonovich, David C. Noelle, Shane T. Mueller
Iconic Training and Effective Information: Evaluating Meaning in Discrete Neural Networks PDF
Igor Aleksander, David Gamez
DeSTIN: A Scalable Deep Learning Architecture with Application to High-Dimensional Robust Pattern Recognition PDF
Itamar Arel, Derek Rose, Robert Coop
Assessing and Characterizing the Cognitive Power of Machine Consciousness Implementations PDF
Raul Arrabales, Agapito Ledezma, Araceli Sanchis
Is Consciousness Computationally Functional? PDF
Bernard Baars
Emergently Developed Cognitive Architectures: Testing by Developmental Robotics PDF
Gary Berg-Cross
Multi-Input, Multi-Output Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling to Identify Biologically-Based Transformations as the “Cognitive Processes” Represented by the Ensemble Coding of Neuron Populations PDF
Theodore W. Berger, Dong Song, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis
Investigating the Acquisition and Control-Structure of the Human Mind PDF
Peter G. Burton
Towards a Methodology for Designing Artificial Conscious Robotic Systems PDF
Antonio Chella, Massimo Cossentino, Valeria Seidita
Grounded Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Antonio Chella, Haris Dindo, Daniele Zambuto
Back to the Basics – Redefining Information, Knowledge, Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence Using Only the Adaptive Systems Theory PDF
Vasile Coman
Biologically-Inspired Approach to Recognizing Dangerous Objects PDF
James L. Eilbert
Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory and Cognitive Architectures PDF
Karl Cheng-Heng Fua, Ian Horswill, Andrew Ortony, William Revelle
Taking a Mental Stance Towards Artificial Systems PDF
David Gamez, Igor Aleksander
Measuring Rates of Human Memory Retrieval PDF
Robert S. Gardner, Matteo Mainetti, Giorgio A Ascoli
OpenCog NS: A Deeply-Interactive Hybrid Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Architecture Designed for Global/Local Memory Synergy PDF
Ben Goertzel, Deborah Duong
To Cognize Is to Categorize Revisited: Category Theory Is where Mathematics Meets Biology PDF
Jaime Gomez, Ricardo Sanz
Chronic Pain and the Modulation of Self in Immersive Virtual Reality PDF
Diane Gromala, Chris Shaw, Meehae Song
Autonomous Adaptive Brain Systems and Neuromorphic Agents PDF
Stephen Grossberg
Functional Embodied Imagination and Episodic Memory PDF
Owen Holland, Hugo Gravato Marques
Questions Arising from a Proto-Neural Cognitive Architecture PDF
Christian Robert Huyck, Emma Louise Byrne
Neural Network Architecture for Crossmodal Activation and Perceptual Sequences PDF
Magnus Johnsson, Christian Balkenius, Germund Hesslow
A Progression of Cognitive Frameworks PDF
John J. Kelly
Virtual Reality: New Methodology for Investigating the Self PDF
Neha Khetapal
Toward Bootstrap Learning of the Foundations of Commonsense Knowledge PDF
Benjamin Kuipers
Biologically Inspired Computing in CMOL CrossNets PDF
Konstantin K. Likharev
Graded Attractors: Configuring Context-Dependent Workspaces for Ideation PDF
Ali A. Minai, Laxmi R. Iyer, Divyachapan Padur, Simona Doboli, Vincent R. Brown
An Engineering View of Cognitive Architectures PDF
Steven Brian Morphet
Avatar Appearances and Representation of Self: Learning from Second Life® PDF
Carman Neustaedter, Elena Alexandrovna Fedorovskaya
Funding Opportunities for Cognitive and Computer Scientists through the Institute of Education Sciences PDF
Carol L. O'Donnell, Jonathan Levy
A Pragmatic Approach to Implementation of Emotional Intelligence in Machines PDF
Michal Ptaszynski, Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki
A Simple Oscillatory Short-Term Memory PDF
James Reggia, Jared Sylvester, Scott Weems, Michael Bunting
Fitting a Model to Behavior Tells Us What Changes Cognitively when under Stress and with Caffeine PDF
Frank E. Ritter, Sue E. Kase, Laura Cousino Klein, Jeanette Bennett, Michael Schoelles
Concepts from Data PDF
Brandon Rohrer
Analysis of the Web User Behavior with a Psychologically-Based Diffusion Model PDF
Pablo Enrique Roman, Juan Domingo Velasquez
Bacteria Lingualis in The Knowledge Soup - A Webcrawler with Affect Recognizer for Acquiring Artificial Empathy PDF
Rafal Rzepka, Radoslaw Komuda, Kenji Araki
The Constructor Metacognitive Architecture PDF
Alexei V. Samsonovich
Identity and Virtual Reality: A Uchronic Approach PDF
Colin Schmidt, Olivier Nannipieri, Simon Richir
High Definition Fiber Tracking Exposes Circuit Diagram for Brain Showing Triarchic Representation, Domain General Control, and Metacognitive Subsystems PDF
Walter Schneider, Sudhir Pathak, Jeff Phillips, Micahel Cole
The GLAIR Cognitive Architecture PDF
Stuart C. Shapiro, Jonathan P. Bona
Experiments on the Acquisition of Cognitive and Linguistic Competence to Communicate Propositional Logic Sentences PDF
Josefina Sierra, Josefina Santibanez
Time Production and Representation in a Conceptual and Computational Cognitive Model PDF
Javier Snaider, Ryan McCall, Stan Franklin
Ecstasis: Walking to Mindful Awareness PDF
Meehae Song, Diane Gromala
Applied Cognitive Models of Frequency-based Decision Making PDF
Jim Staszewski
Dopamine, Learning, and Production Rules: The Basal Ganglia and the Flexible Control of Information Transfer in the Brain PDF
Andrea Stocco, Christian Lebiere, John Robert Anderson
Towards a Scientific Foundation for Engineering Cognitive Systems PDF
Hans-Georg Stork
From Constructionist to Constructivist A.I. PDF
Kristinn R. Thorisson
Emotions: a Bridge Between Nature and Society? PDF
Rodrigo Ventura
Insufficient Knowledge and Resources — A Biological Constraint and Its Functional Implications PDF
Pei Wang
A Safe Ethical System for Intelligent Machines PDF
Mark R. Waser

Cognitive and Metacognitive Educational Systems

Preface PDF
Roberto Pirrone, Roger Azevedo, Gautam Biswas
Invited Speaker Abstracts PDF
Stephen Grossberg, Kurt VanLehn, Cristina Conati, Arthur C. Graesser, John C. Cherniavsky
Evaluations of the LODE Temporal Reasoning Tool with Hearing and Deaf Children PDF
Barbara Arfé, Rosella Gennari, Ornella Mich
Issues in the Measurement of Cognitive and Metacognitive Regulatory Processes Used During Hypermedia Learning PDF
Roger Azevedo, Daniel C. Moos, Amy M. Witherspoon, Amber D. Chauncey
MetaTutor: A MetaCognitive Tool for Enhancing Self-Regulated Learning PDF
Roger Azevedo, Amy Witherspoon, Amber Chauncey, Candice Burkett, Ashley Fike
Recognizing Community Interaction States in Discussion Forum Evolution PDF
Carlo Alberto Bentivoglio
A Case-Based System to Aid Cognition and Meta-Cognition is a Design-Based Learning Environment PDF
Ganesh Prasad Bhat, Janet L Kolodner
Promoting Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning Skills through Social Interactions in Agent-based Learning Environments PDF
Gautam Biswas, Hogyeong Jeong, Rod Roscoe, Brian Sulcer
Capturing Knowledge in Real-Time ICT System to Boost Business Performance PDF
Nadia Brancati, Giovanni Mappa
DynaLearn - Engaging and Informed Tools for Learning Conceptual System Knowledge PDF
Bert Bredeweg, Asunción Gómez-Pérez, Elisabeth André, Paulo Salles
Managing Conversation Uncertainty in TutorJ PDF
Vincenzo Cannella, Roberto Pirrone
How Primary Classes Visually Represent While Temporal Relations: A Preliminary Evaluation Study PDF
Tania Di Mascio, Rosella Gennari, Barbara Arfé
Improving (Meta)Cognitive Tutoring by Detecting and Responding to Uncertainty PDF
Diane Litman, Kate Forbes-Riley
GnuTutor: An Open Source Intelligent Tutoring System Based on AutoTutor PDF
Andrew McGregor Olney
A Platform-Independent Tracking and Monitoring Toolkit PDF
Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Simone Carletti, Diego Bonura
Acquisition Of New Knowledge In TutorJ PDF
Giuseppe Russo, Roberto Pirrone, Arianna Pipitone
Narrative-Centered Learning Environments: A Self-Regulated Learning Perspective PDF
Lucy R. Shores, Jennifer L. Robison, Jonathan P. Rowe, Kristin L. Hoffman, James C. Lester
Analyzing Prosodic Features and Student Uncertainty using Visualization PDF
Wenting Xiong, Diane J. Litman, G. Elisabeta Marai

Complex Adaptive Systems and the Threshold Effect

Formal Measures of Dynamical Properties: Tipping Points Untitled () PDF
Aaron Louis Bramson
The Effects of Quality and Price on Adoption Dynamics of Competing Technologies PDF
Jacomo Corbo, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
Evolution of International Law: Two Thresholds, Maybe a Third PDF
Anthony D’Amato
Modeling of Solid Tumor Progression Thresholds using a Complex Adaptive System Approach PDF
Didier Dreau
Dynamics of Price Sensitivity and Market Structure in an Evolutionary Matching Model PDF
Griffin Vernor Drutchas, Péter Érdi
Using Complex Adaptive Systems to Simulate Information Operations at the Department of Defense PDF
Deborah Vakas Duong
Threshold Phenomena in Epistemic Networks PDF
Patrick Grim
Dynamic Threshold Modeling of Budget Changes PDF
Bryan D. Jones, Laszlo Zalanyi, Frank R. Baumgartner, Peter L. Erdi
Thresholds of Behavioral Flexibility and Environmental Turbulence for Group Success PDF
Andrea Jones-Rooy
Linking Network Structure and Diffusion through Stochastic Dominance PDF
P. J. Lamberson
A Computational Analysis of the Synergistic Effect of Coagulation Inhibitors on the Generation of Thrombin PDF
Nathan B. Menke, Kevin R. Ward, Lemont B. Kier, Chao-Kun Cheng, Umesh R. Desai, Umesh R
Predicting and Controlling System-Level Parameters of Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Don Miner, Marie desJardins
The Rise of the Modern State: Gradual Reform or Punctuated Transition PDF
Hilton L. Root
Emergence of Ultra-Conserved Protein Domains and Amino Acid Repeats: Adaptation, Competition and Thresholds PDF
Mary M. Rorick, Gunter P. Wagner
Data Theory, Discourse Mining and Thresholds PDF
David L. Sallach, Jonathan Ozik
Self-Organized Coupling Dynamics and Phase Transitions in Bicycle Pelotons PDF
Hugh Trenchard
Language Dynamics: Sound Categorization PDF
Betty Tuller
Timing the Delivery of Preterm Fetus: A Case Study Based on Computer Simulation PDF
Tina Gwoing Yu, Tsung-Hong Chiu, Jeroen van den Wijngaard, T'sang-T'ang Hsieh, Berend E Weserhof, Enson Tseng
Modeling and Simulating Community Sentiments and Interactions at the Pacific Missile Range Facility PDF
Catherine Zanbaka

Manifold Learning and Its Applications

Sparse Geodesic Paths PDF
Mark A. Davenport, Richard G. Baraniuk
Interactive Learning Using Manifold Geometry PDF
Eric Eaton, Gary Holness, Daniel McFarlane
MiPPS: A Generative Model for Multi-Manifold Clustering PDF
Oluwasanmi Koyejo, Joydeep Ghosh
Multiscale Estimation of Intrinsic Dimensionality of Data Sets PDF
Anna V. Little, Yoon-Mo Jung, Mauro Maggioni
Learning Topology of Curves with Application to Clustering PDF
Hossein Mobahi, Shankar Rao, Yi Ma
Robust Laplacian Eigenmaps Using Global Information PDF
Shounak Roychowdhury
Mesh Segmentation Using Laplacian Eigenvectors and Gaussian Mixtures PDF
Avinash Sharma, Radu Patrice Horaud, David Knossow, Etienne von Lavante
Semi-Supervised Learning Using Sparse Eigenfunction Bases PDF
Kaushik Sinha, Mikhail Belkin
Sensor Map Discovery for Developing Robots PDF
Jeremy Stober, Lewis Fishgold, Benjamin Kuipers
Illumination Invariant Face Recognition on Nonlinear Manifolds PDF
Birkan Tunc, Muhittin Gökmen
A General Framework for Manifold Alignment PDF
Chang Wang, Sridhar Mahadevan

Multi-Representational Architectures for Human-Level Intelligence

Scalable Representation Structures for Visuo-Spatial Reasoning — Dynamic Explorations into Knowledge Types PDF
Sven Bertel, Jan Frederik Sima, Maren Lindner
Integrating a Portfolio of Representations to Solve Hard Problems PDF
Susan Epstein
Conservative and Reward-driven Behavior Selection in a Commonsense Reasoning Framework PDF
Benjamin Johnston, Mary-Anne Williams
Transfer as a Benchmark for Multi-Representational Architectures PDF
Matthew Evans Klenk
Addressing the Raven’s Progressive Matrices Test of “General” Intelligence PDF
Maithilee Kunda, Keith McGreggor, Ashok Goel
Multi-modal Systems As Multi-representational Systems PDF
Unmesh Kurup, B Chandrasekaran
Cognitive Architecture and Perceptual Inference PDF
Luis A. Pineda
Towards Uniform Implementation of Architectural Diversity PDF
Paul S. Rosenbloom
Scenario Generation Using Double Scope Blending PDF
Kian-Moh Terence Tan, Kenneth Kwok
Representing Problems (and Plans) Using Imagery PDF
Samuel Wintermute

The Uses of Computational Argumentation

Preface PDF
Trevor Bench-Capon, Simon Parson, Henry Prakken
An Argumentation-Based Approach to Modeling Decision Support Contexts with What-If Capabilities PDF
Pietro Baroni, Federico Cerutti, Massimiliano Giacomin, Giovanni Guida
Action-State Semantics for Practical Reasoning PDF
Trevor Bench-Capon, Katie Atkinson
Mixed-Initiative Argumentation: A Framework for Justification Management in Clinical Group Decision Support PDF
Chee Fon Chang, Aditya Ghose, Andrew Miller
Learning Policy Constraints Through Dialogue PDF
Chukwuemeka David Emele, Timothy J. Norman, Frank Guerin, Simon Parsons
Argumentation Systems and Agent Programming Languages PDF
Sebastian Gottifredi, Alejandro Javier Garcia, Guillermo Ricardo Simari
Assumption-Based Argumentation for Communicating Agents PDF
Adil Hussain, Francesca Toni
Computational Argument as a Diagnostic Tool: The role of reliability. PDF
Collin F. Lynch, Kevin D. Ashley, Niels Pinkwart, Vincent Aleven
Formal Argumentation and Human Reasoning: The Case of Reinstatement PDF
Mohammed Iqbal Madakkatel, Iyad Rahwan, Jean-Francois Bonnefon, Ruqiyabi Naz Awan, Sherief Abdallah
Incorporating Classical Logic Argumentation into Policy-based Inconsistency Management in Relational Databases PDF
Maria Vanina Martinez, Anthony Hunter
Model Checking Command Dialogues PDF
Angel Rolando Medellin, Katie Atkinson, Peter McBurney
Using Defeasible Logic Programming with Contextual Queries for Developing Recommender Servers PDF
Mariano Tucat, Alejandro Javier Garcia, Guillermo Ricardo Simari
A Redefinition of Arguments in Defeasible Logic Programming PDF
Ignacio Darío Viglizzo, Fernando Tohmé, Guillermo Simari
Instantiating Knowledge Bases in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks PDF
Adam Zachary Wyner, Trevor Bench-Capon, Paul Dunne

Virtual Healthcare Interaction

Is De-identification of Electronic Health Records Possible? OR Can We Use Health Record Corpora for Research? PDF
Hercules Dalianis, Gunnar Nilsson, Sumithra Velupillai
Self-Managed Access to Personalized Healthcare through Automated Generation of Tailored Health Educational Materials from Electronic Health Records PDF
Chrysanne Di Marco, David Wiljer, Eduard Hovy
CARDIAC: An Intelligent Conversational Assistant for Chronic Heart Failure Patient Heath Monitoring PDF
George Ferguson, James Allen, Lucian Galescu, Jill Quinn, Mary Swift
Extending Symptom-Checking Applications for Virtual Healthcare Interaction PDF
Albert Goldfain, James Dellostritto
Efficacy of Active Participation in Conversation with a Virtual Patient with Alzheimer's Disease PDF
Nancy L. Green, Charles Bevan
Remote Monitoring of Activity, Location, and Exertion Levels PDF
Curry I. Guinn, Daniel J. Rayburn-Reeves
Next-Generation Automated Health Behavior Coaches PDF
Barbara Hayes-Roth, Rami Saker
Using Virtual Patients to Train Clinical Interviewing Skills PDF
Barbara Hayes-Roth, Rami Saker, Karen Amano
Personal Health Care Assistant/Companion in Virtual World PDF
Sukhanya Kethuneni, Stephanie Elizabeth August, James Ian Vales
Involving Healthcare Consumers in Knowledge Acquisition for Virtual Healthcare PDF
Wendy Moncur, Saad Mahamood, Ehud Reiter, Yvonne Freer
Cognitive Modeling for Clinical Medicine PDF
Sergei Nirenburg, Marjorie McShane
Longitudinal Health Interviewing by Embodied Conversational Agents: Directions for Future Research PDF
Laura M. Pfeifer, Timothy Bickmore
Graphical Social Scenarios: Toward Intervention and Authoring for Adolescents with High Functioning Autism PDF
Mark Riedl, Rosa Arriaga, Fatima Boujarwah, Hwajung Hong, Jackie Isbell, Juane Heflin
Health Literacy and the Tailoring of Health Information. A Dialogue between Communication and (AI)Technology PDF
Sara Rubinelli, Peter J Schulz, Kent nakamoto