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Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

Graded Attractors: Configuring Context-Dependent Workspaces for Ideation PDF
Ali A. Minai, Laxmi R. Iyer, Divyachapan Padur, Simona Doboli, Vincent R. Brown
A Pragmatic Approach to Implementation of Emotional Intelligence in Machines PDF
Michal Ptaszynski, Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki
High Definition Fiber Tracking Exposes Circuit Diagram for Brain Showing Triarchic Representation, Domain General Control, and Metacognitive Subsystems PDF
Walter Schneider, Sudhir Pathak, Jeff Phillips, Micahel Cole

Cognitive and Metacognitive Educational Systems

Preface PDF
Roberto Pirrone, Roger Azevedo, Gautam Biswas
Managing Conversation Uncertainty in TutorJ PDF
Vincenzo Cannella, Roberto Pirrone
Acquisition Of New Knowledge In TutorJ PDF
Giuseppe Russo, Roberto Pirrone, Arianna Pipitone

Multi-Representational Architectures for Human-Level Intelligence

Cognitive Architecture and Perceptual Inference PDF
Luis A. Pineda

The Uses of Computational Argumentation

Preface PDF
Trevor Bench-Capon, Simon Parson, Henry Prakken
Learning Policy Constraints Through Dialogue PDF
Chukwuemeka David Emele, Timothy J. Norman, Frank Guerin, Simon Parsons
Computational Argument as a Diagnostic Tool: The role of reliability. PDF
Collin F. Lynch, Kevin D. Ashley, Niels Pinkwart, Vincent Aleven

Virtual Healthcare Interaction

Longitudinal Health Interviewing by Embodied Conversational Agents: Directions for Future Research PDF
Laura M. Pfeifer, Timothy Bickmore