Presentations and Authors

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Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory and Cognitive Architectures PDF
Karl Cheng-Heng Fua, Ian Horswill, Andrew Ortony, William Revelle
Functional Embodied Imagination and Episodic Memory PDF
Owen Holland, Hugo Gravato Marques
Questions Arising from a Proto-Neural Cognitive Architecture PDF
Christian Robert Huyck, Emma Louise Byrne
Neural Network Architecture for Crossmodal Activation and Perceptual Sequences PDF
Magnus Johnsson, Christian Balkenius, Germund Hesslow

Cognitive and Metacognitive Educational Systems

Narrative-Centered Learning Environments: A Self-Regulated Learning Perspective PDF
Lucy R. Shores, Jennifer L. Robison, Jonathan P. Rowe, Kristin L. Hoffman, James C. Lester

Complex Adaptive Systems and the Threshold Effect

Timing the Delivery of Preterm Fetus: A Case Study Based on Computer Simulation PDF
Tina Gwoing Yu, Tsung-Hong Chiu, Jeroen van den Wijngaard, T'sang-T'ang Hsieh, Berend E Weserhof, Enson Tseng

Manifold Learning and Its Applications

Interactive Learning Using Manifold Geometry PDF
Eric Eaton, Gary Holness, Daniel McFarlane
Mesh Segmentation Using Laplacian Eigenvectors and Gaussian Mixtures PDF
Avinash Sharma, Radu Patrice Horaud, David Knossow, Etienne von Lavante

The Uses of Computational Argumentation

Assumption-Based Argumentation for Communicating Agents PDF
Adil Hussain, Francesca Toni
Incorporating Classical Logic Argumentation into Policy-based Inconsistency Management in Relational Databases PDF
Maria Vanina Martinez, Anthony Hunter

Virtual Healthcare Interaction

Self-Managed Access to Personalized Healthcare through Automated Generation of Tailored Health Educational Materials from Electronic Health Records PDF
Chrysanne Di Marco, David Wiljer, Eduard Hovy
Next-Generation Automated Health Behavior Coaches PDF
Barbara Hayes-Roth, Rami Saker
Using Virtual Patients to Train Clinical Interviewing Skills PDF
Barbara Hayes-Roth, Rami Saker, Karen Amano
Graphical Social Scenarios: Toward Intervention and Authoring for Adolescents with High Functioning Autism PDF
Mark Riedl, Rosa Arriaga, Fatima Boujarwah, Hwajung Hong, Jackie Isbell, Juane Heflin