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Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

Is Consciousness Computationally Functional? PDF
Bernard Baars
Emergently Developed Cognitive Architectures: Testing by Developmental Robotics PDF
Gary Berg-Cross
Multi-Input, Multi-Output Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling to Identify Biologically-Based Transformations as the “Cognitive Processes” Represented by the Ensemble Coding of Neuron Populations PDF
Theodore W. Berger, Dong Song, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis
Investigating the Acquisition and Control-Structure of the Human Mind PDF
Peter G. Burton
Questions Arising from a Proto-Neural Cognitive Architecture PDF
Christian Robert Huyck, Emma Louise Byrne
Neural Network Architecture for Crossmodal Activation and Perceptual Sequences PDF
Magnus Johnsson, Christian Balkenius, Germund Hesslow
Graded Attractors: Configuring Context-Dependent Workspaces for Ideation PDF
Ali A. Minai, Laxmi R. Iyer, Divyachapan Padur, Simona Doboli, Vincent R. Brown
A Simple Oscillatory Short-Term Memory PDF
James Reggia, Jared Sylvester, Scott Weems, Michael Bunting
Fitting a Model to Behavior Tells Us What Changes Cognitively when under Stress and with Caffeine PDF
Frank E. Ritter, Sue E. Kase, Laura Cousino Klein, Jeanette Bennett, Michael Schoelles
The GLAIR Cognitive Architecture PDF
Stuart C. Shapiro, Jonathan P. Bona

Cognitive and Metacognitive Educational Systems

Preface PDF
Roberto Pirrone, Roger Azevedo, Gautam Biswas
MetaTutor: A MetaCognitive Tool for Enhancing Self-Regulated Learning PDF
Roger Azevedo, Amy Witherspoon, Amber Chauncey, Candice Burkett, Ashley Fike
Recognizing Community Interaction States in Discussion Forum Evolution PDF
Carlo Alberto Bentivoglio
A Case-Based System to Aid Cognition and Meta-Cognition is a Design-Based Learning Environment PDF
Ganesh Prasad Bhat, Janet L Kolodner
Promoting Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning Skills through Social Interactions in Agent-based Learning Environments PDF
Gautam Biswas, Hogyeong Jeong, Rod Roscoe, Brian Sulcer
Capturing Knowledge in Real-Time ICT System to Boost Business Performance PDF
Nadia Brancati, Giovanni Mappa
DynaLearn - Engaging and Informed Tools for Learning Conceptual System Knowledge PDF
Bert Bredeweg, Asunción Gómez-Pérez, Elisabeth André, Paulo Salles
A Platform-Independent Tracking and Monitoring Toolkit PDF
Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Simone Carletti, Diego Bonura

Complex Adaptive Systems and the Threshold Effect

Formal Measures of Dynamical Properties: Tipping Points Untitled () PDF
Aaron Louis Bramson
Dynamic Threshold Modeling of Budget Changes PDF
Bryan D. Jones, Laszlo Zalanyi, Frank R. Baumgartner, Peter L. Erdi

Manifold Learning and Its Applications

Sparse Geodesic Paths PDF
Mark A. Davenport, Richard G. Baraniuk
Semi-Supervised Learning Using Sparse Eigenfunction Bases PDF
Kaushik Sinha, Mikhail Belkin

Multi-Representational Architectures for Human-Level Intelligence

Scalable Representation Structures for Visuo-Spatial Reasoning — Dynamic Explorations into Knowledge Types PDF
Sven Bertel, Jan Frederik Sima, Maren Lindner

The Uses of Computational Argumentation

Preface PDF
Trevor Bench-Capon, Simon Parson, Henry Prakken
An Argumentation-Based Approach to Modeling Decision Support Contexts with What-If Capabilities PDF
Pietro Baroni, Federico Cerutti, Massimiliano Giacomin, Giovanni Guida
Action-State Semantics for Practical Reasoning PDF
Trevor Bench-Capon, Katie Atkinson
Formal Argumentation and Human Reasoning: The Case of Reinstatement PDF
Mohammed Iqbal Madakkatel, Iyad Rahwan, Jean-Francois Bonnefon, Ruqiyabi Naz Awan, Sherief Abdallah
Instantiating Knowledge Bases in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks PDF
Adam Zachary Wyner, Trevor Bench-Capon, Paul Dunne

Virtual Healthcare Interaction

Efficacy of Active Participation in Conversation with a Virtual Patient with Alzheimer's Disease PDF
Nancy L. Green, Charles Bevan
Longitudinal Health Interviewing by Embodied Conversational Agents: Directions for Future Research PDF
Laura M. Pfeifer, Timothy Bickmore
Graphical Social Scenarios: Toward Intervention and Authoring for Adolescents with High Functioning Autism PDF
Mark Riedl, Rosa Arriaga, Fatima Boujarwah, Hwajung Hong, Jackie Isbell, Juane Heflin