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Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

Iconic Training and Effective Information: Evaluating Meaning in Discrete Neural Networks PDF
Igor Aleksander, David Gamez
DeSTIN: A Scalable Deep Learning Architecture with Application to High-Dimensional Robust Pattern Recognition PDF
Itamar Arel, Derek Rose, Robert Coop
Assessing and Characterizing the Cognitive Power of Machine Consciousness Implementations PDF
Raul Arrabales, Agapito Ledezma, Araceli Sanchis
Taking a Mental Stance Towards Artificial Systems PDF
David Gamez, Igor Aleksander
Measuring Rates of Human Memory Retrieval PDF
Robert S. Gardner, Matteo Mainetti, Giorgio A Ascoli
A Pragmatic Approach to Implementation of Emotional Intelligence in Machines PDF
Michal Ptaszynski, Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki
Bacteria Lingualis in The Knowledge Soup - A Webcrawler with Affect Recognizer for Acquiring Artificial Empathy PDF
Rafal Rzepka, Radoslaw Komuda, Kenji Araki
Dopamine, Learning, and Production Rules: The Basal Ganglia and the Flexible Control of Information Transfer in the Brain PDF
Andrea Stocco, Christian Lebiere, John Robert Anderson

Cognitive and Metacognitive Educational Systems

Preface PDF
Roberto Pirrone, Roger Azevedo, Gautam Biswas
Evaluations of the LODE Temporal Reasoning Tool with Hearing and Deaf Children PDF
Barbara Arfé, Rosella Gennari, Ornella Mich
Issues in the Measurement of Cognitive and Metacognitive Regulatory Processes Used During Hypermedia Learning PDF
Roger Azevedo, Daniel C. Moos, Amy M. Witherspoon, Amber D. Chauncey
MetaTutor: A MetaCognitive Tool for Enhancing Self-Regulated Learning PDF
Roger Azevedo, Amy Witherspoon, Amber Chauncey, Candice Burkett, Ashley Fike
DynaLearn - Engaging and Informed Tools for Learning Conceptual System Knowledge PDF
Bert Bredeweg, Asunción Gómez-Pérez, Elisabeth André, Paulo Salles
How Primary Classes Visually Represent While Temporal Relations: A Preliminary Evaluation Study PDF
Tania Di Mascio, Rosella Gennari, Barbara Arfé

Complex Adaptive Systems and the Threshold Effect

Dynamics of Price Sensitivity and Market Structure in an Evolutionary Matching Model PDF
Griffin Vernor Drutchas, Péter Érdi

The Uses of Computational Argumentation

Action-State Semantics for Practical Reasoning PDF
Trevor Bench-Capon, Katie Atkinson
Computational Argument as a Diagnostic Tool: The role of reliability. PDF
Collin F. Lynch, Kevin D. Ashley, Niels Pinkwart, Vincent Aleven
Formal Argumentation and Human Reasoning: The Case of Reinstatement PDF
Mohammed Iqbal Madakkatel, Iyad Rahwan, Jean-Francois Bonnefon, Ruqiyabi Naz Awan, Sherief Abdallah
Model Checking Command Dialogues PDF
Angel Rolando Medellin, Katie Atkinson, Peter McBurney

Virtual Healthcare Interaction

CARDIAC: An Intelligent Conversational Assistant for Chronic Heart Failure Patient Heath Monitoring PDF
George Ferguson, James Allen, Lucian Galescu, Jill Quinn, Mary Swift
Using Virtual Patients to Train Clinical Interviewing Skills PDF
Barbara Hayes-Roth, Rami Saker, Karen Amano
Personal Health Care Assistant/Companion in Virtual World PDF
Sukhanya Kethuneni, Stephanie Elizabeth August, James Ian Vales
Graphical Social Scenarios: Toward Intervention and Authoring for Adolescents with High Functioning Autism PDF
Mark Riedl, Rosa Arriaga, Fatima Boujarwah, Hwajung Hong, Jackie Isbell, Juane Heflin