Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

Solving Weighted Abduction via Max-SAT Solvers PDF
Yoichi Sasaki, Takanori Maehara, Takumi Akazaki, Kazeto Yamamoto, Kunihiko Sadamasa
Bounded-Memory Criteria for Streams with Application Time PDF
Simon Schiff, Özgür L. Özçep
Internal Stability in Hedonic Games PDF
Jacob Schlueter, Judy Goldsmith
Super Altruistic Hedonic Games PDF
Jacob Schlueter, Judy Goldsmith

Main Track Posters

Chunk-Based Incremental Classification of Fraud Data PDF
Farzana Anowar, Samira Sadaoui
Investigating Potential Factors Associated with Gender Discrimination in Collaborative Recommender Systems PDF
Masoud Mansoury, Himan Abdollahpouri, Jessie Smith, Arman Dehpanah, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Bamshad Mobasher
Using Simulated Annealing to Declutter Genome Visualizations PDF
Jorge Núñez Siri, Eric Neufeld, Isobel Parkin, Andrew Sharpe
Improving the EDCM Mixture Model with Expectation Propagation PDF
Xavier Sumba, Nuha Zamzami, Nizar Bouguila

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing

Narrative Origin Classification of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Texts PDF
Jason Wei, Eugene Santos Jr.
A Computational Approach to Assessing Nominalizations in Academic Writing PDF
Yanisa Haley Scherber
Gazetteer Generation for Neural Named Entity Recognition PDF
Chan Hee Song, Dawn Lawrie, Tim Finin, James Mayfield

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Goal Summarization for Human-Human Health Coaching Dialogues PDF
Itika Gupta, Barbara Di Eugenio, Brian Ziebart, Bing Liu, Ben Gerber, Lisa Sharp
MedFroDetect: Medicare Fraud Detection with Extremely Imbalanced Class Distributions PDF
Yuping Su, Xingquan Zhu, Bei Dong, Yumei Zhang, Xiaojun Wu

Special Track on Case-Based Reasoning

Deep Feature Extraction for Representing and Classifying Time Series Cases: Towards an Interpretable Approach in Haemodialysis PDF
Giorgio Leonardi, Stefania Montani, Manuel Striani

Special Track on Data Mining

Assessing Modality Selection Heuristics to Improve Multimodal Machine Learning for Malware Detection PDF
Farzana Ahamed Bhuiyan, Katherine E. Brown, Md Bulbul Sharif, Quentin D. Johnson, Douglas A. Talbert

Special Track on Intelligent Learning Technologies

Detecting Trait versus Performance Student Behavioral Patterns Using Discriminative Non-Negative Matrix Factorization PDF
Mehrdad Mirzaei, Shaghayegh Sahebi, Peter Brusilovsky

Special Track on Neural Networks

Stochastic Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Actions in Dynamic Environments PDF
Syed Naveed Hussain Shah, Dean Frederick Hougen
Unsupervised Embedding Learning for Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensor Data PDF
Taoran Sheng, Manfred Huber
Boosting Arabic Named Entity Recognition Transliteration with Deep Learning PDF
Manar Alkhatib, Khaled Shaalan

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning

Tuning Logical Argumentation Frameworks: A Postulate-Derived Approach PDF
Ofer Arieli, AnneMarie Borg, Christian Straßer
Generalized Ranking Kinematics for Iterated Belief Revision PDF
Meliha Sezgin, Gabriele Kern-Isberner