Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

Attention Based Transformer for Student Answers Assessment PDF
Nisrine Ait Khayi, Vasile Rus
Secure Industrial Control System with Intrusion Detection PDF
M. Rayhan Ahmed Mithu, Vadim Kholodilo, Rajesh Manicavasagam, Denis Ulybyshev, Mike Rogers
Figure Descriptive Text Extraction Using Ontological Representation PDF
Gilchan Park, Julia Taylor Rayz, Line Pouchard

Main Track Posters

Clustering Partial Lexicographic Preference Trees PDF
Joseph Allen, Xudong Liu, Karthikeyan Umapathy, Sandeep Reddivari

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing

Interactive Summarization for Data Filtering and Triage PDF
Justus Robertson, Brent Harrison, Arnav Jhala

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Games, Serious Games, and Multimedia

“Bully”: A Virtual Reality Environment for Anti-Bullying Education PDF
Lubomir Ivanov, Nina Ramos

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Experimentation on Hand Drawn Sketches by Children to Classify Draw-a-Person Test Images in Psychology PDF
Ochilbek Rakhmanov, Nwojo Nnanna Agwu, Steve Adeshina
Modeling Latent Comorbidity for Health Risk Prediction Using Graph Convolutional Network PDF
Rui Wang, Ming-Ching Chang, Marleen Radigan

Special Track on Autonomous Robots and Agents

Improving Multi-Agent System Coordination Via Intensity Variation PDF
David H. Mathias, Annie S. Wu, Laik Ruetten, Eric Coursin

Special Track on Data Mining

Towards Automatic Clustering Analysis Using Traces of Information Gain: The InfoGuide Method PDF
Paulo Rocha, Diego Pinheiro, Martin Cadeiras, Carmelo Bastos-Filho

Special Track on Intelligent Learning Technologies

The Effects of Open Self-Explanation Prompting During Source Code Comprehension PDF
Lasang Jimba Tamang, Zeyad Alshaikh, Nisrine Ait Khayi, Vasile Rus
Experiments with a Socratic Intelligent Tutoring System for Source Code Understanding PDF
Zeyad Alshaikh, Lasang Tamang, Vasile Rus

Special Track on Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction and AI

From Association to Reasoning, an Alternative to Pearls’ Causal Reasoning PDF
Usef Faghihi, Serge Robert, Pierre Poirier, Youssef Barkaoui

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning

An Adaptive Model for Cognitive Reasoning PDF
Jonas Bischofberger, Marco Ragni
How to Avoid Weight Inconsistencies in Social Networks - an Entropy-Driven Approach - PDF
Andreas Dellnitz, Elmar Reucher, Wilhelm Rödder
MCMC-Based Learning of Finite Bivariate Beta Mixture Models PDF
Maryam Rasti, Narges Manouchehri, Nizar Bouguila