Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

Character Depth and Sentence Diversification in Automated Narrative Generation PDF
Brooke Bottoni, Yasmine Moolenaar, Anthony Hevia, Thomas Anchor, Kyle Benko, Rainer Knauf, Klaus Jantke, Avelino Gonzalez, Annie Wu
Constructing Gaussian Processes for Probabilistic Graphical Models PDF
Mattis Hartwig, Marisa Mohr, Ralf Möller
Improving Classification Accuracy by Mining Deterministic and Frequent Rules PDF
Yuxiao Huang
A Lexicographic Strategy for Approximating Dominance in CP-Nets PDF
Michael Huelsman, Mirosław Truszczyński
Clinical Event Time-Series Modeling with Periodic Events PDF
Jeong Min Lee, Milos Hauskrecht
New Approaches in Ordinal Pattern Representations for Multivariate Time Series PDF
Marisa Mohr, Florian Wilhelm, Mattis Hartwig, Ralf Möller, Karsten Keller

Main Track Posters

Decentralized Marriage Models PDF
Kshitija Taywade, Judy Goldsmith, Brent Harrison

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing

Establishing Strong Baselines for the New Decade: Sequence Tagging, Syntactic and Semantic Parsing with BERT PDF
Han He, Jinho Choi
Syntactic Neural Model for Authorship Attribution PDF
Fereshteh Jafariakinabad, Sansiri Tarnpradab, Kien A. Hua
Interactive Summarization for Data Filtering and Triage PDF
Justus Robertson, Brent Harrison, Arnav Jhala

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Not All Samples are Equal: Class Dependent Hierarchical Multi-Task Learning for Patient Diagnosis Classification PDF
Salim Malakouti, Milos Hauskrecht

Special Track on Autonomous Robots and Agents

Effects of Response Threshold Distribution on Dynamic Division of Labor in Decentralized Swarms PDF
Annie S. Wu, David H. Mathias, Joseph P. Giordano, Anthony Hevia
Discovering Hierarchies for Reinforcement Learning Using Data Mining PDF
Dave Mobley, Judy Goldsmith, Brent Harrison

Special Track on Neural Networks

Impact of Augmenting GRU Networks with Iterative and Direct Strategies for Traffic Speed Forecasting PDF
Armando Fandango, Paul Wiegand, Liqiang Ni, Samiul Hasan
Stochastic Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Actions in Dynamic Environments PDF
Syed Naveed Hussain Shah, Dean Frederick Hougen
Unsupervised Embedding Learning for Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensor Data PDF
Taoran Sheng, Manfred Huber

Special Track on Recommender Systems

CAARS: A Context-Aware Artist Recommender System for Twitter Users PDF
Linh Tang, Fahmida Hamid

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning

Transforming Conditional Knowledge Bases into Renaming Normal Form PDF
Christoph Beierle, Jonas Haldimann
On the Correspondence between Abstract Dialectical Frameworks and Nonmonotonic Conditional Logics PDF
Jesse Heyninck, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Matthias Thimm