Presentations and Authors

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Main Track Posters

A Preliminary Study of Spatial Bias in Knn Distance Metrics PDF
Gabriel J. Ferrer

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing

Gazetteer Generation for Neural Named Entity Recognition PDF
Chan Hee Song, Dawn Lawrie, Tim Finin, James Mayfield

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

CorGAN: Correlation-Capturing Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks for Generating Synthetic Healthcare Records PDF
Amirsina Torfi, Edward A. Fox

Special Track on Neural Networks

Impact of Augmenting GRU Networks with Iterative and Direct Strategies for Traffic Speed Forecasting PDF
Armando Fandango, Paul Wiegand, Liqiang Ni, Samiul Hasan

Special Track on Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction and AI

From Association to Reasoning, an Alternative to Pearls’ Causal Reasoning PDF
Usef Faghihi, Serge Robert, Pierre Poirier, Youssef Barkaoui