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Main Track

An Empirical Evaluation of the Effect of Adversarial Labels on Classifier Accuracy Estimation PDF
Alexandra Clifford, Cassian Corey, John T. Holodnak
Towards Predicting Difficulty of Reading Comprehension Questions PDF
Takshak Desai, Dan I. Moldovan
Front-to-Front Bidirectional Best-First Search Reconsidered PDF
Leopold E. Mayer, Kurt D. Krebsbach
Spatially Biased Random Forests PDF
Benjamin Mitchell, John Sheppard
Influence-Based Independence PDF
Özgür L. Özçep, Felix Kuhr, Ralf Möller
Productive and Profitable Cluster Hire PDF
Parth Patel, Kalyani Selvarajah, Ziad Kobti, Mehdi Kargar
Detecting the Onset of a Network Layer DoS Attack with a Graph-Based Approach PDF
Ramesh Paudel, Peter Harlan, William Eberle
Eliminating Sycophants to Improve Authorship Attribution PDF
Ivan Petrovic, Smiljana Petrovic, Ileana Palesi, Anthony Calise
Improving Safety in Reinforcement Learning Using Model-Based Architectures and Human Intervention PDF
Bharat Prakash, Mohit Khatwani, Nicholas Waytowich, Tinoosh Mohsenin
Explaining Reward Functions in Markov Decision Processes PDF
Jacob Russell, Eugene Santos
A Contextual-Based Framework for Opinion Formation PDF
Eugene Santos, Clement Nyanhongo
Automatic Adaptation to Sensor Replacements PDF
Yuan Shi, T. K. Satish Kumar, Craig A. Knoblock
Generative NNI Transformation Strategies in Binary Trees Using Reinforcement Learning PDF
Shirin Shirvani, Manfred Huber
A Novel Combining-Based Method of Pool Generation for Ensemble Regression Problems PDF
Robson D. A. Timoteo, Daniel C. Cunha, Paulo S. G. De Mattos Neto
Learning Behavioral Memory Representations from Observation PDF
Josiah Wong, Avelino J. Gonzalez
Classification of Semantic Relations between Pairs of Nominals Using Transfer Learning PDF
Linrui Zhang, Dan Moldovan
Visual Attention Model for Cross-Sectional Stock Return Prediction and End-to-End Multimodal Market Representation Learning PDF
Ran Zhao, Yuntian Deng, Mark Dredze, Arun Verma, David Rosenberg, Amanda Stent
Improving File Compression Using Elementary Cellular Automata PDF
John Albury, Richard Wales, Annie S. Wu
Human-in-the-Loop Learning of Qualitative Preference Models PDF
Joseph Allen, Ahmed Moussa, Xudong Liu
Balanced k-Nearest Neighbors PDF
Brian Cook, Manfred Huber
Distributed Coalition Formation with Heterogeneous Agents for Task Allocation PDF
Ayan Dutta, Emily University of North Florida Czarnecki, Asai Asaithambi, Vladimir Ufimtsev
Using EEG Features and Machine Learning to Predict Gifted Children PDF
Ramla Ghali, Ange Tato, Roger Nkambou
An Extensible and Personalizable Multi-Modal Trip Planner PDF
Xudong Liu, Christian Fritz, Matthew Klenk
Learning Optimal and Near-Optimal Lexicographic Preference Lists PDF
Ahmed Moussa, Xudong Liu
Biologically Extending the Gen 2 ANN Model PDF
Jesse Roberts, Douglas Talbert
Top K Hypotheses Selection on a Knowledge Graph PDF
Kexuan Sun, Krishna Akhil Maddali, Shriraj Salian, T. K. Satish Kumar
Comparing Goodness of Fit of Preference Models PDF
Sawyer Welden, John A. Doucette
Emergence in Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Yan Zhao, Eugene Santos

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing

Beyond Word Embeddings: Dense Representations for Multi-Modal Data PDF
Luis Armona, José P. González-Brenes, Ralph Edezhath
Convolutional Ladder Networks for Legal NERC and the Impact of Unsupervised Data in Better Generalizations PDF
Cristian Cardellino, Laura Alonso Alemany, Milagro Teruel, Serena Villata, Santiago Marro
Incendiary News Detection PDF
Enis Alonso Berk, Elena Filatova
Using Correlation for Labelset Selection in Multi-Label Classification of Users Reactions PDF
Zacarias Curi, Alceu de Souza Britto Jr, Emerson Cabrera Paraiso
Different Flavors of Attention Networks for Argument Mining PDF
Johanna Frau, Milagro Teruel, Laura Alonso Alemany, Serena Villata
Effect of Domain Corpus Size and LSA Vector Dimension: A Study in Assessing Student Generated Short Texts in Virtual Internships Without Participant Data PDF
Dipesh Gautam, Zhiqiang Cai, Vasile Rus
Does Outrage Signal Cyber Attacks? Predicting "Bad Behavior" from Sentiment in Online Content PDF
Kristy Hollingshead, Bonnie J. Dorr, Adam Dalton, Meg Barton
Learning Patterns of Assonance for Authorship Attribution of Historical Texts PDF
Lubomir Ivanov
Towards Concept Map Based Free Student Answer Assessment PDF
Nabin Maharjan, Vasile Rus
Implicit Discourse Relation Classification with Syntax-Aware Contextualized Word Representations PDF
Diana Nicoleta Popa, Julien Perez, James Henderson, Eric Gaussier
Semantic Labeling of English Texts with Ontological Categories Employing Recurrent Networks PDF
Roberta Caroline Rodrigues Silva, Alcione de Paiva Oliveira, Alexandra Moreira
Exploiting Textual, Visual, and Product Features for Predicting the Likeability of Movies PDF
Mahsa Shafaei, Adrián Pastor López-Monroy, Thamar Solorio
Using Linguistic Context to Learn Folksonomies from Task-Oriented Dialogues PDF
Gregory Moro Puppi Wanderley, Emerson Cabrera Paraiso
Investigating the Relationship between Multi-Party Linguistic Entrainment, Team Characteristics and the Perception of Team Social Outcomes PDF
Mingzhi Yu, Diane Litman, Susannah Paletz
How Animacy and Information Status Determine Word Order in Translation of the Passive Voice PDF
Ashli Fain, Reva Freedman
An Emotion Detection System for Cantonese PDF
John Lee
Classification of Spontaneous Speech of Individuals with Dementia Based on Automatic Prosody Analysis Using Support Vector Machines (SVM) PDF
Roelant Ossewaarde, Roel Jonkers, Fedor Jalvingh, Roelien Bastiaanse
Opinion Spam Detection with Attention-Based Neural Networks PDF
Zeinab Sedighi, Hossein Ebrahimpoor-Komleh, Ayoub Bagheri, Leila Kosseim

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence for Big Social Data

Investigation of Maxout Activations on Convolutional Neural Networks for Big Data Text Sentiment Analysis PDF
Gabriel Castaneda, Paul Morris, Joseph D. Prusa, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Games, Serious Games, and Multimedia

Hello, Narratives: Character Development in Automated Narrative Generation PDF
Matthew Alvarez, Rebeca E. Amaya, Kyle A. Benko, Jordan T. Martin, Rainer Knauf, Klaus P. Jantke, Avelino J. Gonzalez
How Do Players’ Eye Movements Relate to Their Excitement in a VR Adaptive Game? PDF
Hamdi Ben Abdessalem, Maher Chaouachi, Marwa Boukadida, Claude Frasson
Measuring Presence and Performance in a Virtual Reality Police Use of Force Training Simulation Prototype PDF
Edward T. Garcia, Stephen G. Ware, Lewis J. Baker
A Deep Reinforcement Learn-Based FIFA Agent with Naive State Representations and Portable Connection Interfaces PDF
Matheus Prado Prandini Faria, Rita Maria Silva Julia, Lídia Bononi Paiva Tomaz

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things and Fab Labs/Makerspaces

Learning Strategies for Resisting Power Attacks on Wi-Fi Direct Group Formation PDF
Arianit Maraj, Timothy Atkinson, Marius C. Silaghi

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Gene Selection and Clustering of Breast Cancer Data PDF
Farzana Ahamed Bhuiyan, MD Bulbul Sharif, Paul Joshua Tinker, William Eberle, Douglas A. Talbert, Sheikh Khaled Ghafoor, Lewis Frey
Multi-Task Survival Analysis of Liver Transplantation Using Deep Learning PDF
Atefeh (Anna) Farzindar, Anirudh Kashi
A Comparison of Three Recommender Strategies for Facilitating Person-Centered Care in Nursing Homes PDF
Nathan Martindale, Gerald C. Gannod, Katherine M. Abbott, Kimberly Van Haitsma
Learning Semantic Relationships from Medical Codes PDF
Phillip Wallis, Padideh Danaee
A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Predictive Modeling of Medicare Payments to Physical Therapists PDF
Annie Wu, Xinliang Liu, Reamonn Norat

Special Track on Autonomous Robots and Agents

Dynamic Action Selection in OpenAI Using Spiking Neural Networks PDF
Chad Peters, Terrence C. Stewart, Robert L. West, Babak Esfandiari
Multi-Robot Informative Path Planning in Unknown Environments Through Continuous Region Partitioning PDF
Ayan Dutta, Amitabh Bhattacharya, O. Patrick Kreidl, Anirban Ghosh, Prithviraj Dasgupta

Special Track on Case-Based Reasoning

Similarity Measures for Case-Based Retrieval of Natural Language Argument Graphs in Argumentation Machines PDF
Ralph Bergmann, Mirko Lenz, Stefan Ollinger, Maximilian Pfister
What Is the Next Step? Supporting Architectural Room Configuration Process with Case-Based Reasoning and Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Viktor Eisenstadt, Klaus-Dieter Althoff
A Reachability-Based Complexity Measure for Case-Based Reasoners PDF
Devi Ganesan, Sutanu Chakraborti
Exploiting Markov Random Fields to Enhance Retrieval in Case-Based Reasoning PDF
Luigi Portinale
C2C Trace Retrieval: Fast Classification Using Class-to-Class Weighting PDF
Xiaomeng Ye
Case Representation and Similarity Modeling for Non-Specific Musculoskeletal Disorders - a Case-Based Reasoning Approach PDF
Amar Jaiswal, Kerstin Bach, Ingebrigt Meisingset, Ottar Vasseljen

Special Track on Data Mining

Experimental Comparison of Online Anomaly Detection Algorithms PDF
Cynthia Freeman, Jonathan Merriman, Ian Beaver, Abdullah Mueen
Content-Dependent Versus Content-Independent Features for Gender and Age Range Identification in Different Types of Texts PDF
M. Zakaria Kurdi
Opening Up the Black Box: Auditing Google's Top Stories Algorithm PDF
Emma Lurie, Eni Mustafaraj
Discovering Suspicious Patterns Using a Graph Based Approach PDF
Sirisha Velampalli, Lenin Mookiah, William Eberle
Detecting Slow HTTP POST DoS Attacks Using Netflow Features PDF
Chad Calvert, Clifford Kemp, Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Maryam Najafabadi
Adaptation of Multivariate Concept to Multi-Way Agglomerative Clustering for Hierarchical Aspect Aggregation PDF
Tamasha Malepathirana, Rashindrie Perera, Yasasi Abeysinghe, Yumna Albar, Uthayasanker Thayasivam

Special Track on Intelligent Learning Technologies

Predicting Learners’ Performance Using EEG and Eye Tracking Features PDF
Asma Ben Khedher, Imène Jraidi, Claude Frasson
A Conversational Intelligent Agent for Career Guidance and Counseling PDF
Andrew Hampton, Vasile Rus, Frank Andrasik, Benjamin Nye, Art Graesser
Synthesis of Limit Problems for Single-Variable Calculus PDF
Blake Glueck, Chris Alvin

Special Track on Recommender Systems

Managing Popularity Bias in Recommender Systems with Personalized Re-Ranking PDF
Himan Abdollahpouri, Robin Burke, Bamshad Mobasher
Convolutional Adversarial Latent Factor Model for Recommender System PDF
Felipe Soares Da Costa, Peter Dolog
Modeling the Dynamics of User Preferences for Sequence-Aware Recommendation Using Hidden Markov Models PDF
Farzad Eskandanian, Bamshad Mobasher
Expanding Controllability of Hybrid Recommender Systems: From Positive to Negative Relevance PDF
Behnam Rahdari, Chun-Hua Tsai, Peter Brusilovsky

Special Track on Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction and AI

Flexible Approach for Computer-Assisted Reading and Analysis of Texts PDF
Ismaïl Biskri, Mohamed Hassani
On the Winograd Schema: Situating Language Understanding in the Data-Information-Knowledge Continuum PDF
Walid Saba
Identifying the Focus of Negation Using Discourse Structure PDF
Zahra Sarabi, Eduardo Blanco

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning

Reliable Discretization of Deterministic Equations in Bayesian Networks PDF
Alessandro Antonucci
On Rational Monotony and Weak Rational Monotony for Inference Relations Induced by Sets of Minimal C-Representations PDF
Christoph Beierle, Steven Kutsch, Henning Breuers
Relational Forward Backward Algorithm for Multiple Queries PDF
Marcel Gehrke, Tanya Braun, Ralf Möller
Axiomatic Evaluation of Epistemic Forgetting Operators PDF
Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Tanja Bock, Christoph Beierle, Kai Sauerwald
Penalty Logic-Based Representation of C-Revision PDF
Safia Laaziz, Younes Zeboudj, Salem Benferhat, Faiza Haned
Linear Time and Space Algorithm for Computing all the Fagin-Halpern Conditional Beliefs Generated From Consonant Belief Functions PDF
Lalintha G. Polpitiya, Kamal Premaratne, Manohar N. Murthi
Hierarchical Classification With Bayesian Networks and Chained Classifiers PDF
Jonathan Serrano-Pérez, Luis Enrique Sucar
Integrating Typed Model Counting into First-Order Maximum Entropy Computations and the Connection to Markov Logic Networks PDF
Marco Wilhelm, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Marc Finthammer, Christoph Beierle
On the Tree Structure of Deep Convolutional Sum-Product Networks PDF
Cory Butz, Andre Lobo Teixeira, Andre Dos Santos, Jhonatan Oliveira
Towards Interactive Causal Relation Discovery Driven by an Ontology PDF
Melanie Munch, Juliette Dibie, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin, Cristina Manfredotti

Poster Abstracts

FLAIRS-32 Poster Abstracts PDF
Roman Barták, Keith Brawner