AAAI Publications, The Thirty-Second International Flairs Conference

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Semantic Labeling of English Texts with Ontological Categories Employing Recurrent Networks
Roberta Caroline Rodrigues Silva, Alcione de Paiva Oliveira, Alexandra Moreira

Last modified: 2019-05-04


Semantic labeling of texts allows people and computing devices to more easily understand the meaning of a natural language sentence as a whole. It is very often one of the steps taken of procedures related to natural language processing. However, this step is often done manually, which is very expensive and time-consuming. When automatic labeling systems are employed, methods such as maximum entropy models are used, which receive as input features specified by specialists that also make the development of the system more expensive. In this article we present a model of the deep recurrent network that semantically annotates texts in English using as labels the top categories of an ontology. The tests showed that it is possible to obtain better results than the models that need the features to be made explicit.

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