AAAI Publications, The Thirty-Second International Flairs Conference

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Beyond Word Embeddings: Dense Representations for Multi-Modal Data
Luis Armona, José P. González-Brenes, Ralph Edezhath

Last modified: 2019-05-04


Methods that calculate dense vector representations for text have proven to be very successful for knowledge representation. We study how to estimate dense representations for multi-modal data (e.g., text, continuous, categorical). We propose Feat2Vec as a novel model that supports supervised learning when explicit labels are available, and self-supervised learning when there are no labels. Feat2Vec calculates embeddings for data with multiple feature types, enforcing that all embeddings exist in a common space. We believe that we are the first to propose a method for learning self-supervised embeddings that leverage the structure of multiple feature types. Our experiments suggest that Feat2Vec outperforms previously published methods, and that it may be useful for avoiding the cold-start problem.

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