AAAI Publications, The Thirty-First International Flairs Conference

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Linkage Objects for Generalized Instruction in Coding (LOGIC)
Ted Carmichael, Mary Jean Blink, John Stamper, Elizabeth Gieske

Last modified: 2018-05-10


Linkage Objects for Generalized Instruction in Coding (LOGIC) is an intelligent system for online tutoring which detects errors among programming exercises to improve understanding of student progress. This system represents an implementation of the Hint Factory method for automated hint generation. In this approach, variables and their dependencies are abstracted from correct coding solutions to determine all the possible paths towards a solution, regardless of the programming language or variable names. Incomplete programs can be compared to these unique paths after code normalization, and the next best line can be supplied in the form of a hint. Errors are recorded based on discrepancy between best-match and the student’s code. The final report categorizing all errors is compiled to benefit the teacher’s effectiveness, highlighting common errors made by students.


computer programming; Intelligent Tutoring Systems; ITS; Automated Hints; Markov Decision Process; Computer Science Education; Coding; Hints and Feedback

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