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Introducing Hypertension FACT: Vital Sign Ontology Annotations in the Florida Annotated Corpus for Translational Science
Amanda Hicks, William Hogan, Carl Pepine, Nathan Boire, Chloe Herring, Selja Seppälä

Last modified: 2018-05-10


We introduce the Florida Annotated Corpus for Translational Science (FACTS), which currently consists of 20 case reports about hypertension that we annotated with Vital Sign Ontology (VSO) classes. We describe the annotation method, the annotation results, interannotator agreement measure, and the availability of the corpus and supporting tools for annotating corpora with OWL ontologies. We also discuss issues and limitations of VSO for annotating vital sign data in case reports.


ontology; semantic annotation; hypertension; Vital Sign Ontology

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