Presentations and Authors

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General Conference

Machine Learning from Conversation with Humans PDF
Awrad Mohammed Ali, Avelino J. Gonzalez
Learning Tree-Structured CP-Nets with Local Search PDF
Thomas E. Allen, Cory Siler, Judy Goldsmith
Synthesis of Solutions for Shaded Area Geometry Problems PDF
Chris Alvin, Sumit Gulwani, Rupak Majumdar, Supratik Mukhopadhyay
The Perception of Social Bots by Human and Machine PDF
Darren Scott Appling, Erica J. Briscoe
A Study of Question Effectiveness Using Reddit "Ask Me Anything" Threads PDF
Kristjan Arumae, Guo-Jun Qi, Fei Liu
Online Article Ranking as a Constrained, Dynamic, Multi-Objective Optimization Problem PDF
Jeya Balaji Balasubramanian, Akshay Soni, Yashar Mehdad, Nikolay Laptev
Unsupervised Aspect Term Extraction in Online Drugs Reviews PDF
Diana C. Cavalcanti, Ricardo B. C. Prudencio
Real-Time Imitation Learning of Visual Behavior by a Mobile Robot PDF
Gabriel John Ferrer, Eric Huynh
Using Deep Learning to Automate Feature Modeling in Learning by Observation PDF
Michael W. Floyd, J. T. Turner, David W. Aha
A Deep Neural Architecture for Kitchen Activity Recognition PDF
Roger Leitzke Granada, Juarez Monteiro, Rodrigo Coelho Barros, Felipe Rech Meneguzzi
A Scalable Weighted Max-SAT Implementation of Propositional Etcetera Abduction PDF
Naoya Inoue, Andrew S. Gordon
Semantic Web and Ignorance: Dempster-Shafer Description Logics PDF
Loukia Karanikola, Isambo Karali
What-If Prediction via Inverse Reinforcement Learning PDF
Masahiro Kohjima, Tatsushi Matsubayashi, Hiroshi Sawada
Temporal Deep Belief Network for Online Human Motion Recognition PDF
Francois Lasson, Mihai Polceanu, Cedric Buche, Pierre De Loor
Online Conditional Outlier Detection in Nonstationary Time Series PDF
Siqi Liu, Adam Wright, Milos Hauskrecht
Group-Based Active Learning of Classification Models PDF
Zhipeng Luo, Milos Hauskrecht
Automated Assessment of Open-ended Student Answers in Tutorial Dialogues Using Gaussian Mixture Models PDF
Nabin Maharjan, Rajendra Banjade, Vasile Rus
Belief Revision with Bridging Axioms PDF
Oezguer Luetfue Oezcep
Automated Reasoning for the Dialetheic Logic RM3 PDF
Geoff Sutcliffe, Francis Jeffry Pelletier, Allen P. Hazen
Markov Analysis of Students’ Professional Skills in Virtual Internships PDF
Vasile Rus, Dipesh Gautam, Dale Bowman, Arthur C. Graesser, David Shaeffer
An Analysis of Human Tutors’ Actions in Tutorial Dialogues PDF
Vasile Rus, Nabin Maharjan, Lasang Jimba Tamang, Michael Yudelson, Susan Berman, Stephen E. Fancsali, Steve Ritter
Why Do They Vote That? PDF
Marius Calin Silaghi, Roussi Roussev, Badria Alfurhood
Optimizing Expected Utility and Stability in Role Based Hedonic Games PDF
Matthew Jordan Spradling
Using Machine Learning to Understand Top-Down Effects in an Ecosystem: Opportunities, Challenges, and Lessons Learned PDF
Douglas A. Talbert, Paul Tinker, Tom Crowther, Donald Walker
Improving Feedbacks for ITS Assessment of Concept Maps PDF
Hugo Traverson, David Genest, Stephane Loiseau
A Stochastic Approach to Character Growth in Automated Narrative Generation PDF
Josh Wade, Josiah Wong, Max Waldor, Lucas Pasqualin, Klaus Jantke, Rainer Knauf, Avelino Gonzalez
A Normative-Prescriptive-Descriptive Approach to Analyzing CSP Heuristics PDF
Richard J. Wallace
Efficient Learning of Classification Models from Soft-label Information by Binning and Ranking PDF
Yanbing Xue, Milos Hauskrecht
Improving Robustness in Social Fabric-Based Cultural Algorithms with Two New Approaches in Population and Belief Spaces PDF
Bahram Zaeri, Ziad Kobti
A Method for Automating Token Causal Explanation and Discovery PDF
Min Zheng, Samantha Kleinberg

General Conference Poster Papers

Rationale-Based Visual Planning Monitors for Cognitive Systems PDF
Zohreh A. Dannenhauer, Michael T. Cox
Complexity Guided Noise Filtering in QA Repositories PDF
K. V. S. Dileep, Swapnil Hingmire, Sutanu Chakraborti
Fuzzing and Verifying RAT Refutations with Deletion Information PDF
Walter Forkel, Tobias Philipp, Adrián Rebola-Pardo, Elias Werner
Overlapping Coalition Formation in Multi-sensor Networks PDF
Ramoni O. Lasisi
Classifying With AdaBoost.M1: The Training Error Threshold Myth PDF
Antônio Leães, Paulo Fernandes, Lucelene Lopes, Joaquim Assunção
Automatic Authorship Attribution of Noisy Documents PDF
Halim Sayoud, Salah Khennouf, Hocine Benzerroug, Zohra Hamadache, Hassina Hadjadj, Siham Ouamour
Can Word Embeddings Help Find Latent Emotions in Text? Preliminary Results PDF
Armin Seyeditabari, Wlodek Zadrozny
Tiered Coalition Formation Games PDF
Cory Siler

Special Track on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business and Industry

Online Proactive Escalation in Multi-Modal Automated Assistants PDF
Cynthia Freeman, Ian Beaver
Document Embedding Strategies for Job Title Classification PDF
Yun Zhu, Faizan Javed, Ozgur Ozturk
Forecasting Demand with Limited Information Using Gradient Tree Boosting PDF
Stephan Chang, Felipe Meneguzzi
Interaction Semantics versus Interaction Syntax in Data Visualization and Exploration: Design, Implementation and Utilization of Meme Media PDF
Jun Fujima, Klaus P. Jantke, Oksana Arnold, Bernd Schmidt
A Tool for Visualizing and Exploring Relationships Among Cancer-Related Patents PDF
Matthew Whitehead, Daniel K. N. Johnson

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing

Recurrence Quantification Analysis: A Technique for the Dynamical Analysis of Student Writing PDF
Laura Kristen Allen, Aaron D Likens, Danielle S McNamara
An Efficient Deep Neural Architecture for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in Twitter PDF
Willian Becker, Jônatas Wehrmann, Henry E. L. Cagnini, Rodrigo C. Barros
Learning Slowly To Learn Better: Curriculum Learning for Legal Ontology Population PDF
Cristian Cardellino, Milagro Teruel, Laura Alonso Alemany, Serena Villata
Multiword Term Extraction through Lexical Head Selection PDF
Dirk De Hertog, Piet Desmet
Sarcasm Detection Using Sentiment Flow Shifts PDF
Elena Filatova
Computational Analysis of Lexical and Cohesion Differences in Deceptive Language: The Role of Accordance PDF
Ali Heidari, Meredith D’Arienzo, Scott Crossley, Nicholas Duran
#SarcasmDetection Is Soooo General! Towards a Domain-Independent Approach for Detecting Sarcasm PDF
Natalie Parde, Rodney D. Nielsen
Automatically Identifying Humorous and Persuasive Language Produced during a Creative Problem-Solving Task PDF
Stephen Cameron Skalicky, Scott Andrew Crossley, Danielle McNamara, Kasia Muldner
Toward Extractive Summarization of Online Forum Discussions via Hierarchical Attention Networks PDF
Sansiri Tarnpradab, Fei Liu, Kien A. Hua
How Important Is Size? An Investigation of Corpus Size and Meaning in Both Latent Semantic Analysis and Latent Dirichlet Allocation PDF
Scott Crossley, Mihai Dascalu, Danielle McNamara
Can Natural Language Processing Help Identify the Author(s) of the Book of Isaiah? PDF
Reva Freedman
High Recall Text Classification for Public Health Systematic Review PDF
Paul McNamee, James Mayfield, Samantha Y. Rowe, Alexander K. Rowe, Hannah L. Jackson, Megan Baker

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

Graph-Based Anomaly Detection on Smart Grid Data PDF
Lenin Mookiah, Chris Dean, William Eberle
A Text Mining Approach for Anomaly Detection in Application Layer DDoS Attacks PDF
Maryam M Najafabadi, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Chad Calvert, Clifford Kemp
On ROC Curve Analysis of Artificial Neural Network Classifiers PDF
Chulwoo Kim, Sung-Hyuk Cha, Yoo Jung An, Ned Wilson

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence for Big Social Data Analysis

Learning Word Vectors in Deep Walk using Convolution PDF
Iti Chaturvedi, Erik Cambria, Sandro Cavallari, Vincent Zheng
ViewpointS: When Social Ranking Meets the Semantic Web PDF
Philippe Lemoisson, Guillaume Surroca, Clément Jonquet, Stefano Alessandro Cerri
MediConceptNet: An Affinity Score Based Medical Concept Network PDF
Anupam Mondal, Erik Cambria, Dipankar Das, Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Using Social Media to Assess Neighborhood Social Disorganization: A Case Study in the United Kingdom PDF
Diogo F. Pacheco, Marcos Oliveira, Ronaldo Menezes
Radical-Based Hierarchical Embeddings for Chinese Sentiment Analysis at Sentence Level PDF
Haiyun Peng, Erik Cambria, Xiaomei Zou
Deep Neural Network Architecture for Character-Level Learning on Short Text PDF
Joseph D. Prusa, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
Language as a Measure of Welfare PDF
Priya Saha, Diogo Pacheco, Ronaldo Menezes
Tracing Linguistic Relations in Winning and Losing Sides of Explicit Opposing Groups PDF
Ceyda Sanli, Anupam Mondal, Erik Cambria
Fuzzy Spectral Hierarchical Communities in Evolving Political Contribution Networks PDF
Scott Wahl, John Sheppard
“Hang In There:" Lexical and Visual Analysis to Identify Posts Warranting Empathetic Responses PDF
Mimansa Jaiswal, Sairam Tabibu, Erik Cambria

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Games, Serious Games, and Multimedia

Improving Intuitive Reasoning Through Assistance Strategies in a Virtual Reality Game PDF
Ramla Ghali, Hamdi Ben Abdessalem, Claude Frasson
Towards Deception Detection in a Language-Driven Game PDF
Will Hancock, Michael W. Floyd, Matthew Molineaux, David Aha
A Key Risk Indicator for the Game Usage Lifecycle PDF
Luiz Kummer, Julio Nievola, Emerson Paraiso
An Interactive Virtual Training (IVT) Simulation for Early Career Teachers to Practice in 3D Classrooms with Student Avatars PDF
Alban Paul Delamarre, Cedric Buche, Mihai Polceanu, Stephanie Lunn, Guido Ruiz, Santiago Bolivar, Elisa Shernoff, Christine Lisetti
Automated Waypoint Generation with the Growing Neural Gas Algorithm PDF
Brian Jacob Dellinger, Ronald Jenkins, Joshua Walton
Game-Based Learning about 19th Century Poets PDF
Matthew William Fendt
Adapting First-Person Shooter Video Game for Playing with Virtual Reality Headsets PDF
Ilya Makarov, Oleg Konoplia, Pavel Polyakov, Maxim Martynov, Peter Zyuzin, Olga Gerasimova, Valeria Bodishtianu

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Multivariate Anomaly Detection in Medicare using Model Residuals and Probabilistic Programming PDF
Richard A. Bauder, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
Detection of Anomalous Activity in Diabetic Patients Using Graph-Based Approach PDF
Ramesh Paudel, William Eberle, Doug Talbert

Special Track on Autonomous Robots and Agents

Listen to My Body: Does Making Friends Help Influence People? PDF
Ron Artstein, David Traum, Jill Boberg, Alesia Gainer, Jonathan Gratch, Emmanuel Johnson, Anton Leuski, Mikio Nakano
Using Machine Learning to Identify Activities of a Flying Drone from Sensor Readings PDF
Roman Bartak, Marta Vomlelova
Modeling Temporally Dynamic Environments for Persistent Autonomous Agents PDF
Matthew Joseph O'Brien, Ronald Craig Arkin
DTMF Audio Communication for NAO Robots PDF
Kyle Poore, Joseph Masterjohn, Andreas Seekircher, Pedro Pena, Ubbo Visser
Utilitarian Approach to Privacy in Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems PDF
Julien Savaux, Julien Vion, Sylvain Piechowiak, René Mandiau, Toshihiro Matsui, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Makoto Yokoo, Shakre Elmane, Marius Silaghi
Enhancing Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning with Concept Drift PDF
Frederick Charles Webber, Gilbert Peterson
Effects of Task Consideration Order on Decentralized Task Allocation Using Time-Variant Response Thresholds PDF
Annie S. Wu, Vera A. Kazakova
Towards Joint Human-Robotic Solutions to Surveillance Problems PDF
Christopher Michael Reardon, Jonathan Fink

Special Track on Case-Based Reasoning

Case-Based Goal Trajectories for Knowledge Investigations PDF
Vahid Badou Gustave Eyorokon, Uday Panjala, Michael Cox
A CBR System for Image-Based Webpage Classification: Case Representation with Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Daniel López-Sánchez, Juan M. Corchado, Angélica González Arrieta
Feature Selection for Learning from Demonstration in Minecraft PDF
Brandon Packard, Santiago Ontanon
Business Process Workflow Monitoring Using Distributed CBR with GPU Computing PDF
Ioannis Agorgianitis, Stelios Kapetanakis, Miltos Petridis, Andrew Fish
Recent Themes in Case-Based Reasoning and Knowledge Discovery PDF
Isabelle Bichindaritz, Cindy Marling, Stefania Montani
Cognitive Adaptive Learning, Classification, and Response for Communications Threats (CALCR): A Case-Based Reasoning Approach PDF
Elizabeth Taylor Whitaker, Ethan Brantley Trewhitt, David Rosenbluth

Special Track on Data Mining

Outlier Processing Via L1-Principal Subspaces PDF
Shubham Chamadia, Dimitris A. Pados
pyISC: A Bayesian Anomaly Detection Framework for Python PDF
Blerim Emruli, Tomas Olsson, Anders Holst
Evaluating Preprocessing Strategies for Time Series Prediction using Deep Learning Architectures PDF
Sajitha Naduvil-Vadukootu, Rafal A. Angryk, Pete Riley
A Region-Based Retrieval System for Heliophysics Imagery PDF
Michael A. Schuh, Dustin Kempton, Rafal A. Angryk
RIPML: A Restricted Isometry Property-Based Approach to Multilabel Learning PDF
Akshay Soni, Yashar Mehdad
Novel Graph Based Anomaly Detection Using Background Knowledge PDF
Sirisha Velampalli, William Eberle
Anomalies in Students Enrollment Using Visualization PDF
Nishith Mukeshkumar Thakkar, Lenin Mookiah, Doug Talbert, William Eberle

Special Track on Intelligent Learning Technologies

Evolutionary Practice Problems Generation: More Design Guidelines PDF
Alessio Gaspar, A.T. M. Golam Bari, R. Paul Wiegand, Anthony Bucci, Amruth N. Kumar, Jennifer L. Albert
Transfer Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Systems — Results, Challenges and New Directions PDF
Aubrey Gress, J. T. Folsom-Kovarik, Ian Davidson
Adaptive Reading and Writing Instruction in iSTART and W-Pal PDF
Amy Marcelle Johnson, Kathryn S. McCarthy, Kristopher J. Kopp, Cecile A. Perret, Danielle S. McNamara
Identifying Original Projects in App Inventor PDF
Eni Mustafaraj, Franklyn Turbak, Maja Svanberg

Special Track on Intelligent Support for Decision Making

A Challenge for Multi-Party Decision Making: Malicious Argumentation Strategies PDF
Andrew Kuipers, Jörg Denzinger
Making Decisions Using Realistic Estimates of Customer Satisfaction PDF
Preet Inder Singh Rihan, Ritesh Garodia, Adeel Siddiqui, Roman Filipovych

Special Track on Learning from Heterogeneous Data Analytics

An Ensemble Blocking Approach for Entity Resolution of Heterogeneous Datasets PDF
Janani Balaji, Faizan Javed, Chris Min, Sam Sander
Discovering Language Independent Latent Aspect Clusters from Code-mixed Social Media Text PDF
Kavita Sanjay Asnani, Jyoti D Pawar
Virtual Screening Assisted by Siamese Neural Networks PDF
Alan Diego dos Santos, Duncan Ruiz

Special Track on Natural Language Processing of Ancient and Other Low-Resource Languages

Visual Exploration of Latin Derivational Morphology PDF
Chris Culy, Eleonora Litta, Marco Passarotti
Score Fusion Based Authorship Attribution of Ancient Arabic Texts PDF
Halim Sayoud, Siham Ouamour
Unsupervised Extraction of Training Data for Pre-Modern Chinese OCR PDF
Donald Sturgeon
GitDOX: A Linked Version Controlled Online XML Editor for Manuscript Transcription PDF
Shuo Zhang, Amir Zeldes
Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation for Venetan: A Proof-of-Concept Experiment PDF
Costanza Conforti, Alexander Fraser
Dating Tablets in the Garshana Corpus PDF
James Hearne, Connon Anderson, Yudong Liu, Dannon Dixon, Dario Fenstermacher Ritchie

Special Track on Non-Classical Logics

Logic of Existentialism in Fiction PDF
Ilya Makarov, Valeria Bodishtianu

Special Track on Recommender Systems

Sturgeon and the Cool Kids: Problems with Random Decoys for Top-N Recommender Evaluation PDF
Michael D. Ekstrand, Vaibhav Mahant
Investigating Personalized Search in E-Commerce PDF
Dietmar Jannach, Malte Ludewig
Recommending from Experience PDF
Francisco J. Peña, Derek Bridge
Recommender Response to Diversity and Popularity Bias in User Profiles PDF
Sushma Channamsetty, Michael D. Ekstrand
Exploiting Reviews to Generate Personalized and Justified Recommendations to Guide Users' Selections PDF
Nevena Dragovic, Maria Soledad Pera
UBR: A Book Search — Recommender Hybrid PDF
Jason Hall, Maria Soledad Pera

Special Track on Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction and Artificial Intelligence

Worldwide Scholarships Spreading PDF
Jean-Rémi Bourguet
Quasi-Topological Structure of Extensions in Logic of Determination of Objects (LDO) for Typical and Atypical objects PDF
Jean-Pierre Desclés, Anca Pascu, Ismaïl Biskri
A Robust Watermarking System Based on Formal Concept Analysis and Texture Analysis PDF
Musab Ghadi, Lamri Laouamer, Laurent Nana, Anca Pascu
Identifying Underlying Commonsense Knowledge in Definitions PDF
Jansen R. K. Orfan, James F. Allen
Modeling wth Events from Polcy Descriptions PDF
Nandan Parameswaran, Pani N. Chakrapani
Reasoning with Temporal Preferences over Data Streams PDF
Marcos Roberto Ribeiro, Maria Camila N. Barioni, Sandra de Amo, Claudia Roncancio, Cyril Labbé
Using Association Rules Mining for Retrieving Genre-Specific Music Files PDF
Louis Rompré, Ismaïl Biskri, Jean-Guy Meunier
A Logic for Making Hard Decisions PDF
Roussi Roussev, Marius Silaghi

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning

Enforcing Relational Matching Dependencies with Datalog for Entity Resolution PDF
Zeinab Bahmani, Leopoldo Bertossi
On the Interrelationships Among C-Inference Relations Based on Preferred Models for Sets of Default Rules PDF
Christoph Beierle, Steven Kutsch, Andreas Obergrusberger
On Finding Relevant Variables in Discrete Bayesian Network Inference PDF
Cory James Butz, Andre Evaristo Dos Santos, Jhonatan Souza Oliveira
Learning the Parameters of Possibilistic Networks from Data: Empirical Comparison PDF
Maroua Haddad, Philippe Leray, Amélie Levray, Karim Tabia
Learning and Selection of Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Non-Stationary Processes in Real Time PDF
Matthieu Hourbracq, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin, Christophe Gonzales, Philippe Baumard
Typed Model Counting and Its Application to Probabilistic Conditional Reasoning at Maximum Entropy PDF
Marco Wilhelm, Gabriele Kern-Isberner
Extraction of NAT Causal Structures Based on Bipartition PDF
Yang Xiang
Feature Relevance in Bayesian Network Classifiers and Application to Image Event Recognition PDF
Mohand Said Allili, Siham Bacha
Towards An Understanding of What is Learned: Extracting Multi-Abstraction-Level Knowledge from Learning Agents PDF
Daan Apeldoorn, Gabriele Kern-Isberner
A Probabilistic Spatial-Temporal Model and its Application to Wind Prediction PDF
Nazzira Guerrero-Jezzinin, Pablo Ibargüengoytia, Luis Enrique Sucar

Poster Abstracts

FLAIRS-30 Poster Abstracts PDF
Vasile Rus, Zdravko Markov