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Language as a Measure of Welfare
Priya Saha, Diogo Pacheco, Ronaldo Menezes

Last modified: 2017-05-03


Globalization is a process driven by international trade that leads to interactions and integration of people and government of different nations. Such process has been impacting us in many ways including our living standards or quality of life (QoL). At the same time, the integration between peoples of the world leads to a stronger diffusion of languages, ideas, and values; more recently the integration has received further boost by the emergence of online social networks. Online social networks give us a platform to connect without any restriction to geographic regions, language usage, costumes, etc. In fact, they are the quintessential example of globalization. Yet the links between language usage in society and QoL has received little attention. Since both language usage and the QoL are influenced by globalization it is just natural that one tries to study both subjects combined. This paper investigates if one can be used as a proxy for the other. Using approaches based on network science, our analysis of a large-scale Twitter dataset reveals that the patterns of user connectivities on online social networks (such as Twitter) as a function of languages usage is correlated to the QoL.


Network Science, Data Analysis, Social Media

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