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Game-Based Learning about 19th Century Poets
Matthew William Fendt

Last modified: 2017-05-08


Video games have been shown to be an engaging and educational medium. The Time Historian video game was created for the Armstrong Browning Library to be an entertaining way to teach about the 19th century poets Robert and Elizabeth Browning. In this game players relive moments of the Brownings’ courtship and learn about the couple’s poetry. This game was designed to educate the public and to generate interest in coming to the library and was compared to their existing advertisement media: their website and a self-guided tour packet. It was found that people who played the game showed statistically significant improvement on their knowledge about the Brownings and reported a greater interest in learning more about the subject matter compared to those that used the existing advertisement media. This demonstrates the game’s effectiveness at providing instruction and sparking the player’s interest in poetry.


video games; serious games; learning; education

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