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Investigating Personalized Search in E-Commerce
Dietmar Jannach, Malte Ludewig

Last modified: 2017-05-08


Personalized recommendations have become a common feature of many modern online services. In particular on e-commerce sites, one value of such recommendations is that they help consumers find items of interest in large product assortments more quickly. Many of today's sites take advantage of modern recommendation technologies to create personalized item suggestions for consumers navigating the site. However, limited research exists on the use of personalization and recommendation technology when consumers rely on the site's catalog search functionality to discover relevant items. In this work we explore the value of personalizing search results on e-commerce sites using recommendation technology. We design and evaluate different personalization strategies using log data of an online retail site. Our results show that considering several item relevance signals within the recommendation process in parallel leads to the best ranking of the search results. Specifically, the factors taken into account include the users' general interests, their most recent browsing behavior, as well as the consideration of current sales trends.

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