Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

A Topic-Based Search, Visualization, and Exploration System PDF
Christan Earl Grant, Clint Pazhayidam George, Virupaksha Kanjilal, Supriya Nirkhiwale, Joseph N. Wilson, Daisy Zhe Wang
Varying Social Cue Constellations Results in Different Attributed Social Signals in a Simulated Surveillance Task PDF
Emilio J. C. Lobato, Samantha F. Warta, Travis J. Wiltshire, Stephen M. Fiore
Light-Weight versus Heavy-Weight Algorithms for SAC and Neighbourhood SAC PDF
Richard J. Wallace
I Don’t Always Have Positive Attitudes, but When I Do It Is Usually About a Robot: Development of the Robot Perception Scale PDF
Samantha F. Warta

Applied Natural Language Processing

Anomaly Detection in Text: The Value of Domain Knowledge PDF
Raksha Kumaraswamy, Anurag Wazalwar, Tushar Khot, Jude Shavlik, Sriraam Natarajan

Artificial Intelligence for Big Social Data Analysis

Hierarchical Fuzzy Spectral Clustering in Social Networks using Spectral Characterization PDF
Scott Wahl, John Sheppard

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Pooling SAX-BoP Approaches with Boosting to Classify Multivariate Synchronous Physiological Time Series Data PDF
Zhiguang Wang, Tim Oates

Autonomous Robots and Agents

Coordinating Robot Teams for Disaster Relief PDF
Mark Roberts, Thomas Apker, Benjamin Johnson, Bryan Auslander, Briana Wellman, David W. Aha

Data Mining

Data Preprocessing via Polynomial Fitting to Improve Clustering of Spoken Arabic Digits PDF
Imad Rahal, Preston Hardy, Kelsey Weiers

Intelligent Learning Technologies

A Constraint-Based Expert Modeling Approach for Ill-Defined Tutoring Domains PDF
Angela Woods, Brian Stensrud, Robert Wray, Joshua Haley, Randolph Jones

Recommender Systems

Power of the Group Neighborhood in Memory-Based Group Recommender Systems PDF
Nadia A. Najjar, David C. Wilson
Mitigating Power User Attacks on a User-Based Collaborative Recommender System PDF
David C. Wilson, Carlos E. Seminario

Uncertain Reasoning

On-Line Learning of Multi-Valued Decision Diagrams PDF
Jean-Christophe Magnan, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin