Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

Evolutionary Technique for Combinatorial Reverse Auctions PDF
Shubhashis Kumar Shil, Malek Mouhoub, Samira Sadaoui
Stability in Role Based Hedonic Games PDF
Matthew Spradling, Judy Goldsmith
An Automated Approach to the Initialization of the Snakes Algorithm for the Detection of Swimbladder Regions in X-Ray Image Data PDF
Jodie Gray, Thomas Reichherzer, Melanie A Sutton, Jimmy Touma, Wayne Bennett
A Simple Decomposition Scheme for Large Real World Qualitative Constraint Networks PDF
Michael Sioutis, Yakoub Salhi, Jean-Francois Condotta
A Flexible, Plugin-Based Smarthome Simulation Framework with Application to Navigational Intention Prediction PDF
John H. C. Staton, Manfred Huber

Applied Natural Language Processing

Keyphrase Extraction and Grouping Based on Association Rules PDF
Xin Li, Fei Song
Anomaly Detection in Text: The Value of Domain Knowledge PDF
Raksha Kumaraswamy, Anurag Wazalwar, Tushar Khot, Jude Shavlik, Sriraam Natarajan
Genre-Based Stages Classification for Polarity Analysis PDF
John Roberto, Maria Salamó, Maria Antònia Martí
Advanced Features of Collaborative Semantic Annotators — The 4A System PDF
Pavel Smrz, Jaroslav Dytrych
Aspect-Level Sentiment Analysis Based on a Generalized Probabilistic Topic and Syntax Model PDF
Haochen Zhou, Fei Song

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

A New Intrusion Detection Benchmarking System PDF
Richard Zuech, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Naeem Seliya, Maryam M Najafabadi, Clifford Kemp

Artificial Intelligence for Big Social Data Analysis

GECKA: Game Engine for Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition PDF
Erik Cambria, Dheeraj Rajagopal, Kenneth Kwok, Jose Sepulveda
Hierarchical Fuzzy Spectral Clustering in Social Networks using Spectral Characterization PDF
Scott Wahl, John Sheppard

Autonomous Robots and Agents

Activity Monitoring and Prediction for Humans and NAO Humanoid Robots Using Wearable Sensors PDF
Saminda Abeyruwan, Faisal Sikder, Ubbo Visser, Dilip Sarkar
Safety in Multi-Agent Systems: Reputation Based on Dossier PDF
André P. Borges, Vanderson Botêlho, Osmar B. Dordal, Bráulio C. Ávila, Edson E. Scalabrin
Camera-Based Localization and Stabilization of a Flying Drone PDF
Jan Skoda, Roman Bartak

Data Mining

Survey of Crime Analysis and Prediction PDF
Lenin Mookiah, William Eberle, Ambareen Siraj
Incremental Mining of Frequent Sequences in Environmental Sensor Data PDF
Carlos Roberto Silveira Junior, Danilo Codeco Carvalho, Marilde Terezinha Prado Santos, Marcela Xavier Ribeiro

Intelligent Learning Technologies

Improving Large-Scale Assessment Tests by Ontology Based Approach PDF
Vinu E.V, P Sreenivasa Kumar
A Constraint-Based Expert Modeling Approach for Ill-Defined Tutoring Domains PDF
Angela Woods, Brian Stensrud, Robert Wray, Joshua Haley, Randolph Jones
The Impact of Anomalous Information, Personality, and Motivation on Self- Regulatory Processes in a Multimedia Vicarious Learning Environment PDF
Jeremiah Sullins, Xiangen Hu
Are You Asking the Right Questions: The Use of Animated Agents to Teach Learners to Become Better Question Askers PDF
Jeremiah Sullins, Danielle McNamara, Samuel Acuff, Daniel Neely, Eric Hildebrand, Grant Stewart, Xiangen Hu

Recommender Systems

Recommending Scientific Papers: Investigating the User Curriculum PDF
Jonathas Magalhães, Cleyton Souza, Evandro Costa, Joseana Fechine
Hypothetical Recommendation: A Study of Interactive Profile Manipulation Behavior for Recommender Systems PDF
James Schaffer, Tobias Hollerer, John O'Donovan
Mitigating Power User Attacks on a User-Based Collaborative Recommender System PDF
David C. Wilson, Carlos E. Seminario

Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction, and AI

Semantic Search for Arabic PDF
Aya M. Al-Zoghby, Khaled Shaalan

Uncertain Reasoning

Uncertain Reasoning Using Time-Dynamic Markov Random Field for Sensor-Network Applications PDF
Shobhit Shakya, Jian Zhang