Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

A Multiple-Play Bandit Algorithm Applied to Recommender Systems PDF
Jonathan Louedec, Max Chevalier, Josiane Mothe, Aurélien Garivier, Sébastien Gerchinovitz
Evolutionary Technique for Combinatorial Reverse Auctions PDF
Shubhashis Kumar Shil, Malek Mouhoub, Samira Sadaoui

Applied Natural Language Processing

How Many Utterances Are Needed to Support Time-Offset Interaction? PDF
Ron Artstein, Anton Leuski, Heather Maio, Tomer Mor-Barak, Carla Gordon, David Traum
Combining Word Representations for Measuring Word Relatedness and Similarity PDF
Nobal Bikram Niraula, Dipesh Gautam, Rajendra Banjade, Nabin Maharjan, Vasile Rus
Automated Labelling of Dialogue Modes In Tutorial Dialogues PDF
Vasile Rus, Nobal Bikram Niraula, Nabin Maharjan, Rajendra Banjade
Genre-Based Stages Classification for Polarity Analysis PDF
John Roberto, Maria Salamó, Maria Antònia Martí

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

Network Intrusion Detection Using a Hardware-Based Restricted Coulomb Energy Algorithm on a Cognitive Processor PDF
Mahdi H. Moghaddam, Ricardo A. Calix

Artificial Intelligence Education

Computational Notebooks for AI Education PDF
Keith O'Hara, Douglas Blank, James Marshall

Artificial Intelligence for Big Social Data Analysis

Semantic Outlier Detection for Affective Common-Sense Reasoning and Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis PDF
Erik Cambria, Giuseppe Melfi

Case-Based Reasoning

Increasing the Runtime Speed of Case-Based Plan Recognition PDF
Michael Maynord, Swaroop Vattam, David W. Aha
Generalization of Workflows in Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning PDF
Gilbert Müller, Ralph Bergmann

Data Mining

Exploring Equivalence Metrics to Analyze Behavior in a Naked Mole Rat Colony PDF
Susan Imberman, Michael E. Kress, Dan McCloskey
Discovering Suspicious Behavior Using Graph-Based Approach PDF
Lenin Mookiah, William Eberle, Larry Holder
Survey of Crime Analysis and Prediction PDF
Lenin Mookiah, William Eberle, Ambareen Siraj

Intelligent Learning Technologies

Are You Asking the Right Questions: The Use of Animated Agents to Teach Learners to Become Better Question Askers PDF
Jeremiah Sullins, Danielle McNamara, Samuel Acuff, Daniel Neely, Eric Hildebrand, Grant Stewart, Xiangen Hu

Recommender Systems

Recommending Scientific Papers: Investigating the User Curriculum PDF
Jonathas Magalhães, Cleyton Souza, Evandro Costa, Joseana Fechine

Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction, and AI

Analysis of Coordinating Constructions in a Dependency Treebank PDF
Vladislav Kubon, Marketa Lopatkova, Jiri Mirovsky
An Information-Theoretic Sentence Similarity Metric PDF
John G. Mersch, R. Raymond Lang

Uncertain Reasoning

A New Algorithm for Learning Non-Stationary Dynamic Bayesian Networks With Application to Event Detection PDF
Christophe Gonzales, Séverine Dubuisson, Cristina Manfredotti
On-Line Learning of Multi-Valued Decision Diagrams PDF
Jean-Christophe Magnan, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin
A New Approach to Probabilistic Belief Change PDF
Gavin B. Rens, Thomas Meyer