Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

The Risks of Introspection: A Quantitative Analysis of Influence Between Scientific Communities PDF
Václav Belák, Conor Hayes
Using Multi-Agent Options to Reduce Learning Time in Reinforcement Learning PDF
Danielle M. Clement, Manfred Huber
Fast and Accurate Causal Inference from Time Series Data PDF
Yuxiao Huang, Samantha Kleinberg
A Flexible, Plugin-Based Smarthome Simulation Framework with Application to Navigational Intention Prediction PDF
John H. C. Staton, Manfred Huber

Applied Natural Language Processing

Unsupervised Sumerian Personal Name Recognition PDF
Liang Luo, Yudong Liu, James Hearne, Clinton Burkhart

Artificial Intelligence for Big Social Data Analysis

Event Analysis in Social Media Using Clustering of Heterogeneous Information Networks PDF
Narumol Prangnawarat, Ioana Hulpus, Conor Hayes
Discriminative Bi-Term Topic Model for Headline-Based Social News Clustering PDF
Yunqing Xia, Nan Tang, Amir Hussain, Erik Cambria

Data Mining

Discovering Suspicious Behavior Using Graph-Based Approach PDF
Lenin Mookiah, William Eberle, Larry Holder
A Probabilistic Approach to Aggregating Anomalies for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with Industrial Applications PDF
Tomas Olsson, Anders Holst
Data Preprocessing via Polynomial Fitting to Improve Clustering of Spoken Arabic Digits PDF
Imad Rahal, Preston Hardy, Kelsey Weiers

Intelligent Learning Technologies

Improving Classification of Natural Language Answers to ITS Questions with Item-Specific Supervised Learning PDF
Benjamin D. Nye, Mustafa Hajeer, Zhiqiang Cai
A Constraint-Based Expert Modeling Approach for Ill-Defined Tutoring Domains PDF
Angela Woods, Brian Stensrud, Robert Wray, Joshua Haley, Randolph Jones
The Impact of Anomalous Information, Personality, and Motivation on Self- Regulatory Processes in a Multimedia Vicarious Learning Environment PDF
Jeremiah Sullins, Xiangen Hu
Are You Asking the Right Questions: The Use of Animated Agents to Teach Learners to Become Better Question Askers PDF
Jeremiah Sullins, Danielle McNamara, Samuel Acuff, Daniel Neely, Eric Hildebrand, Grant Stewart, Xiangen Hu

Recommender Systems

XPLODIV: An Exploitation-Exploration Aware Diversification Approach for Recommender Systems PDF
Andrea Barraza-Urbina, Benjamin Heitmann, Conor Hayes, Angela Carrillo-Ramos
Hypothetical Recommendation: A Study of Interactive Profile Manipulation Behavior for Recommender Systems PDF
James Schaffer, Tobias Hollerer, John O'Donovan

Uncertain Reasoning

Multiple Iterated Belief Revision Without Independence PDF
Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Daniela Huvermann