Presentations and Authors

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General Conference Full Paper

Acquiring User Models to Test Automated Assistants PDF
Marc Pickett, David W. Aha, J. Gregory Trafton
Lack of Spatial Indicators in Hamlet PDF
Christine Talbot, G. Michael Youngblood

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Automated Non-Content Word List Generation Using hLDA PDF
Wayne Krug, Marc T. Tomlinson

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Special Track

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in 
Healthcare Informatics PDF
Doug Talbert, Steve Talbert

Data Mining Special Track

Exploiting Topical Perceptions over Multi-Lingual Text for Hashtag Suggestion on Twitter PDF
Amara Tariq, Asim Karim, Fernando Gomez, Hassan Foroosh
Data Clustering and Similarity PDF
Julien Soler, Fabien Tencé, Laurent Gaubert, Cédric Buche

Intelligent Tutoring System Special Track

Applying Clustering to the Problem of Predicting Retention within an ITS: Comparing Regularity Clustering with Traditional Methods PDF
Fei Song, Shubhendu Trivedi, Yutao Wang, Gabor Sarkozy, Neil Heffernan