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General Conference Full Paper

Learning Individualized Facial Expressions in an Avatar with PSO and Tabu Search PDF
Evan Husk, Avelino J. Gonzalez, Sumanta Pattanaik
Top-Down Executive Control Drives Reticular-Thalamic Inhibition and Relays Cortical Information in a Large-Scale Neurocognitive Model PDF
Matthew E. Phillips, Michael C. Avery, Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Rajan Bhattacharyya
Acquiring User Models to Test Automated Assistants PDF
Marc Pickett, David W. Aha, J. Gregory Trafton

General Conference Poster Paper

Intelligent Shopping Using Migrating Agents PDF
Lianne Lee, Nandan Parameswaran

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Special Track

An Expectation Maximization Approach to Detecting Compromised Remote Access Accounts PDF
Kevin Gold, Ben Priest, Kevin M. Carter

Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Semantics, Computational Linguistics and Logics Special Track

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Semantic, Computational Linguistics, and Logic PDF
Florence Le Priol, Ismail Biskri, Adel Jebali, Anca Pascu
The Logic of Typical and Atypical Instances (LTA) PDF
Jean-Pierre Descles, Anca Christine Pascu, Christophe Jouis
Revisiting Linguistic Approximation for Computing with Words PDF
Nina Marhamati, Purvag Patel, Yousef Althobaiti, Elham S. Khorasani, Shahram Rahimi

Data Mining Special Track

Context-Driven Image Annotation Using ImageNet PDF
George E. Noel, Gilbert L. Peterson
Stretchy Time Pattern Mining: A Deeper Analysis of Environment Sensor Data PDF
Carlos Roberto Silveira Junior, Marilde Terezinha Prado Santos, Marcela Xavier Ribeiro

Robotics Special Track

Overwatch: An Educational Testbed for Multi-Robot Experimentation PDF
D. Michael Franklin, Lynne E. Parker
Deciding like Humans Do PDF
Jens Hoefinghoff, Laura Hoffmann, Nicole Kraemer, Josef Pauli

Uncertain Reasoning Special Track

Decision Tables Aggregation in Rough Sets Approximation PDF
Salem Chakhar, Clara Pusceddu
Propagation of Belief Functions through Frames of Discernment: Application to PDF
Bastien Pietropaoli, Michele Dominici, Frédéric Weis
Some Notes on the Factorization of Probabilistic Logical Models under Maximum Entropy Semantics PDF
Nico Potyka